Cognition is known as a faculty for the processing of information, applying knowledge and changing preferences. It can be natural, artificial, conscious or unconscious. In short, cognitive function regarded as the person’s ability to process thoughts. In fact, it is primarily relates to things like memory, the ability to learn new information, speech and reading comprehension. In every individual brain is competent of learning new skills. Factor like ageing and disease can greatly affect cognitive function, which in turn may result in memory loss or trouble thinking of right words when you are writing and speaking something. Humans are generally set with ability for cognitive function at birth. In short, each person carries a capacity or learning or remembering a certain amount of information. These days, intelligent quotient test (IQ) is conducted to measure the person’s ability to remember a certain amount of information. Infanthood and early childhood are the best period of time as compared with older people. Since their capacity to absorb and use new information is tremendous. However capacity to learn slows down gradually as you get older. But, the overall cognitive function should not be reduced on large scale in healthy individuals. Occurrence of certain diseases and condition may result in decline in cognition. For instance, decline in cognition includes factors of memory loss, an incapability to grasp new concepts of information and depleted verbal fluency. According to studies, natural decline in memory can be prevented by performing activities such as solving tough word problems and mathematics problems. In this way the exercising of brain may result in a long period of high level cognition and even increase the cognitive skills. Actually, just like other muscles in the body brain requires regular stimulation in order to remain strong. However the tips mentioned below will definitely help you to enhance your cognitive function.


1) Exercise:-
Some studies have found that regular exercise actually raises your cognitive performance in children as well as adults by 10 per cent. However, a normal walk also enough beneficial. You need not to follow strenuous exercise regime. As exercise encourages more blood flow to the hippocampus. It is the one part of brain that responsible for memory, which raises tissue density in different areas of the brain in order to improve ones ability to learn, make clear decisions and to even handle stressful conditions.

2) Perform dancing activities:-
Some studies have found that dancing activities actually reduce the possibilities of dementia. Besides that, it keeps your brain and body busy as well. Dancing is one of the great activities as it involves all sorts of different patterns and improves your overall cognitive ability.

3) Article writing:-
Writing an article is associated to improve memory and expression of thoughts. When you write article, you are actually developing your brain’s ability to convey thoughts and feelings. Thus, writing article can be one of the great way to enhance your ability to analyze and build a though processes with critical thinking. Besides that, journals, writing stories and blog entries are also the option to fulfill the requirement of your brain to enhance cognitive function.

4) Solving Puzzles:-
Crossword puzzle assists your brain to think intensely and recall past memories. The challenge of solving complete crossword puzzle makes one mentally inspiring and stimulating. Hence solving daily crossword puzzles section is another great option may help you to boost your brain power.

5) Watching intelligence test on TV and reading novel books:-
Studies indicate that watching intelligence test on television instead of watching stupid programs may improve brain function. Apart from that, reading books teaches your brain to obtain large amount of information in short period of time. The habit of reading books may assist you develop your thinking abilities, memorization skills, boost vocabulary etc. In addition, watching TV for little time help people relax more than other activities.

6) Eat healthy:-
Diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids, leafy green vegetables helps to improve brain function and fight against dementia, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Include nuts; spices such as cumin and cilantro, apple, complex carbohydrates, coffee, chocolate, grape juice, chicken, eggs, fatty foods, glucose and so on. Since all these foods are known to have brain boosting properties. Hence, including all these foods in your daily regimen may help you to improve overall cognitive function. In addition, along with this healthy diet daily 7-8 glasses of drinking water is vital as it remove toxins from the body and keeps your body hydrated. Avoid junk food, as they are harmful not only for your brain but also for your overall health. They are proven to diminish energy in the body and promote “brain fog”.

7) Sex:-
Having a sex is also an easiest way to naturally release essential hormones in the brain. When you involved in a loving relationship, sex may help you to improve social connection and emotional intelligence. Sex is closely related with stress reliving. Hence, it can be simplest way to boost your brain. Sex may also improve your possibilities of enhancing confidence and to think positively.

8) Learn foreign language and engage in debate:-
Learning more languages contribute more structure to the brain as well as improve brain’s speech centers. In addition, engaging in a good debate strengthens the brain’s capability to think quickly. Thus, both are consider the most prominent way to enhance your cognitive function.

9) Determine and try to achieve the goals:-
Determining goals actually triggers areas of the brain linked with positive thinking as well as action. In fact, it is consider one of the great way for achieving success and prosperity in life along with boosting your brain.

10) Always think positively:-
It plays a crucial role in maintaining cognitive function. If you think positively, then chances of powerful brain increases than those “negative nellies”. To develop positive thinks, just give 10 minutes daily to think more positive so that you will notice an improve in thinking abilities and problem solving skills.

11) Avoid alcohol consumption:-
Though alcohol in moderation is not terrible for brain still excessive alcohol consumption damages the brain health and function. Hence, cutting alcohol is great option for proper functioning of brain.

12) Other ways:-
Get enough sleep
Habit of asking questions
Drink red wine in moderation
Change environment
Try to live maximum stress free life
Listen music

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