There are wide ranges of natural supplements that aid to boost and improve your general immunity effectively. Immune system plays a significant role in protecting you against large number of illnesses. It actually works like defense system of body and aids combat against several diseases stimulating microorganisms. It encompasses special cells, organs, tissues and cell products that fight against innumerable pathogens. Plus, also battle against virus, bacteria and fungi. But, the immune system requires certain nutrients to function smoothly. Shortage of these essential nutrients along with other factors like stress, pollution, age also responsible for hindering immunity. An undermined immune system makes a person susceptible to a variety of disease. As a result, it is mandatory to keep immune system healthy to stay away from several health issues.


As mentioned earlier, the immune system needs particular nutrients for proper functioning. These nutrients or promoters aid in supporting the immune system and augment its function, thus protecting you from several infections.   

  1. Vitamins:-

There are innumerable vitamins which play a dominant role in strengthening the immune system and prevent the onset of a range of diseases. 

  • Vitamin A- It aids in the production and restore of cells and tissues. In addition, it toughens them by making them proficient of battling against bacteria, fungi and virus. Vitamin A is needed in keeping the mucous membrane damp so that it can catch the germs that make every possible effort to obtain entrance in the body.
  • Vitamin B – Research has revealed that daily consumption of vitamin B raises the count of white blood cells, which are an imperative part of the immune system. They also offer energy to the body and preserve effectiveness of this system.   
  • Vitamin C- Vitamin C is critically needed for strengthening the immune system; hence it is thought to be one of the vital immune system vitamins. It enhances immunity by helping in the production of antiviral agent, an immunologic protein. It also facilitate in the manufacture of some anti stress hormones. It elevates the glutathione level in the body, a tripeptide that is useful for the regular execution of the immune system.    
  • Vitamin E- Vitamin E is a powerhouse of strong antioxidant properties that improves immunity and protects the body from wide variety of diseases and infections. Its major task is to offer protection against the hazardous free radicals. It also assists to raise the production of white blood cells, which are the crucial battling elements of the immune system.
  1. Zinc: -

Zinc is kind of a worthful mineral that augments the development of white blood cells in the body and supports in combating numerous pathogens more forcefully. It plays a key role in inducing the formation of killer cells that battle against cancer cells.

  1. Carotenoids:-

Beta carotene is considered to be extremely useful for boosting the number of natural killer cells, helper T-cells and infection fighting cells. In addition, it has excellent antioxidant properties that assist in fighting against the hazardous consequences of free radicals.

  1. Herbs:-

There are countless herbs which acts as effective immune system promoters. The superior advantage of utilizing herbs as supplements is that most of these herbs are does not exhibit any side effects and offers superb end outcomes.

  • Garlic:-

Garlic is said to be a potent immunity promoter. It is laden with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and expectorant properties that boost the functions of the immune system and protects you from various diseases together with influenza, common cold, whooping cough and bronchitis. 

  • Astragalus:-

Astragalus is popular for its capability to raise phagocyte task and enhancing the level of antibodies in the body. It is normally utilized for healing common cold and cough, viral infections, hepatitis and autoimmune disease.

  • Echinacea:-

This herb is indispensable for inducing several elements of the immune system like lymphokines, macrophages and interferon. Echinacea is known to have numerous antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, which plays a significant role in improving the overall circulation by enhancing the blood supply to different organs of the body.

  1. Selenium:-

This is another extremely useful mineral that supports the development of the killer cells and hence cancer cells. To acquire selenium in enormous quantity, try maximum to increase intake of tuna, shrimp, whole grains, egg yolks and lobster.


The overall process of immune system is carried out by the primary organs and tissues that are generally bifurcated into primary and secondary lymphoid organ.  Bone marrow and thymus are enclosed within the primary lymphoid organs, while lymph nodes and spleen are surrounded within the secondary lymphoid organs.

Thymus is the location where undeveloped thymocytes move around and build up into mature T cells. In this bilobed organ positioned on top of the heart arises a procedure of choosy removal of T cells that show overall body performance against the human body on the whole. As a result, the T cells liberated out from the thymus. And hence they facilitate to fight the pathogens in the overall human body.

Lymph Nodes
These wrapped bean-structured formations are the location for refining of lymph and ambush antigens that move into the tissue spaces. The antigens are refined all the way through the macrophages. Lymph nodes and dendritic cells confined these antigens and offer them to the t and b cells.

 Dendritic Cells
These in addition act as specialized APCs and are additional resourceful as compared to macrophages to the extent that antigen production is considered. They detain the antigens and carry it to lymphoid organs commencing a recovered overall body resistance capacity.

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