The condition ‘menopause’ denotes the termination of menstrual cycle. All the phases of a women’s reproductive life cycle are regulated by hormones named progesterone and estrogen. A woman’s reproductive organs react to the cyclical alternation that is evidenced in the form of menstrual flow and deepening of the uterine lining during each monthly period. A woman becomes pregnant if impregnation of egg and sperm occurs during a menstruation. As women cross 40, the hormone level begins waning. This affects the capability of the ovaries to discharge ova. The monthly menstrual bleeding turns unbalanced, and the period of the menstruation turns shorter, until it ends wholly.

Menopause is the ending phase of the reproductive life cycle. A woman notices a wide range of symptoms during the menstrual cycle and that leads up to his stage. A woman arrives at menopause when a whole year passes without a menstruation. Night sweats, hot flashes, too much sweating, tiredness, increase in weight and numerous other mental and physical symptoms are observed by majority of women during this phase. Most women feel sad due to unpleasant menopausal belly fat. Here are some of the effective and easiest steps that may definitely aid menopausal women for getting over the issue of augmented belly fat.

Majority of menopausal women battles with the issue of belly fat. Belly fat in menopausal women is considered to be due to aging, even lifestyle and dietary habits are also potential causes. Apart from these, reduction in the estrogen level is also the main contributory factor. Since, fat cells are enough capable to produce estrogen, when there is a disparity in the level of estrogen during this stage, the body reacts by converting the calories into fat. This is the major reason behind fat deposits nearby the waist and belly turns extreme eminent at this stage.

The utilization of artificial hormone tablets that hold estrogen can also stimulate estrogen dominance. When a woman is menstruating, the estrogen supremacy is handled by the discharge of progesterone. Progesterone fights with some of the consequences of estrogen. Being a water pill, progesterone plays a crucial role in handling the issue of fluid retention or bloating that is induced by augmented estrogen levels. When the fat cells are giving rise to formation of estrogen, the quantity of progesterone created by the ovaries turns insignificant during menopausal years. In short, the subcutaneous or visceral menopausal belly fat expansion could be assigned to fluid retention in the abdominal area.


As buildup of fat nearby the belly area is the body’s way of reacting to hormonal inequality, adjusting this disparity with help of hormone replacement therapy would definitely prove useful. Here are the easiest steps that you require to follow to overcome those unattractive mass of fat around the abdomen.

  • Make modification in diet:-

There is a huge necessity to realize the significance of the correct diet. You must incorporate a healthy diet that offers your body with the sufficient nutrients. There is an immense necessity to reduce one’s consumption of unhealthy, fatty foods. Make certain that the digestive system is not under lots of pressure. One’s diet should be filled with lean proteins like beans, chicken, lentils, seafood, and non-fat cottage cheese. Most of weight loss diets highlight on reducing carbohydrates, these are the main source of energy. As a result, women require to make certain that they comprise healthy carbohydrates to their diet. Easily digested carbohydrates and those having a low glycemic index are the excellent solution. Food items such as vegetables, brown rice, fruits, whole grains, oats and beans are superior carbohydrates and these carbohydrates never create any obstacles in weight loss. One must stay away from intake of processed foods that are enriched with bad carbohydrates and trans fats.

  • Give preference to regular exercise:-

The potent solution to burn fat is to staying physically dynamic. An inactive lifestyle is one of the chief reasons behind weight gain. Whereas, a drug treatment may assist in adjusting the hormonal disparity to some extent, the excellent way to overcome fat is to get engage in certain exercises. One could indulge in cardiac exercises together with strength training exercises to get rid of belly fat. Apart from exercises that assist in toning the abdominal muscles, engaging in swimming, yoga, cycling or any other form of physical activity would assist menopausal women to acquire control over weight. You could also choose an exercise ball for toughening the core muscles. In addition, squats, leg crunches, sit-ups and pelvic tilts would definitely assist in strengthening the muscles and would contribute a flatter look to your belly. Jogging, running and brisk walking will also prove useful. One can also select option of gym and become skilled at abdominal exercises that will assist one to reduce belly fat. Hence there is a prime need to adopt the workout regimen thoroughly.

  • Stay calm:-

Increase in weight during this period may even be associated with tension. This is an extreme stressful duration for women because of the bodily alterations that take place owing to the waning level of female hormones. The physical and emotional symptoms are responsible for women’s huge stressful circumstance. Under these conditions, the adrenal gland may formulate significant amount of cortisol, which in turn may induce the body to accumulate fat, particularly in the region of abdomen. For that reason, it is indispensable to handle stress. Adopting relaxation techniques like medication can undoubtedly aid. Women should try her best to stay calm and stress free. No woman is exceptional to this stage, hence they must get ready to handle this issue. Never keep your mind free, and engage in activities that may relax your tattered nerves. Get indulge in anything that makes you feel wonderful.

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