There are people who sleep too long without a concern in the world. No wonder, the actual issue takes place when they wake up and notice that all their work is behind schedule. Oversleeping is becoming a leading disorder of sorts as it is hindering the professional lives of several, particularly those whose jobs have been place at risk.

No boss would pleased or admit late coming and carelessness at work, at least not after the few warnings given.  Even family cannot continued without being able to spend worth time with the other members, if one of them sleep too long. In fact, it is mostly believed that sleeping too much is not a healthy habit and is not considered normal.


  • Stress:-

Most often, both children and adults try to avoid their stress by sleeping. It is easy to discover children sleeping too long before an exam, because they are in an extreme stressful condition and they don’t desire to study. Besides children, adults also desire to avert thinking about a stressful issue which requires to be resolved.

  • Depression:-

When you are in a depressed condition, you do anything to obviate the subject and try to keep yourself away from your regrets. The mind becomes tired and therefore tries to look for rest through oversleeping. In short, excessive sleeping only makes things riskier for people in a depressed condition and they experience gloomier after waking up.

  • Health conditions:-

There could be some fundamental causes of sleeping excessively. Various sleep disorders like sleep apena or a neurological disorder called as narcolepsy, induce a person to oversleep. Those people who are taking strong medication since long period or have health problems may feel tired that usual. People, who give priority to work all over the week and are frequently overworking, may finish sleeping the whole weekend so as to reimburse for their shortage of rest and sleep.

  • Tedium:-

Most often, both young and elderly people sleep too long just because they don’t have anything great to do. They lack the motivation to sketch their day’s goals. This is because they have lots of free time at hand. These people frequently wake up late and even sleep too late. Their day simply went in watching the TV, eating, and playing computer games.

  • Habit:-

Some people sleep too long simply because they are used to it, like people who work from home or do not prefer to be working. Young children of whose, such habits have been ignored by parents and people with unusual working hours, frequently finish up sleeping too long. This happens generally because they know they can afford it and can leave their habit. Even people addicted to drug and alcohol, frequently sleep for long hours because they are intoxicated and sleepy most often.


  1. Alert yourself:-

During early stage, waking up through strong determination or promising yourself, does not work much better. You will need to purchase huge loud and annoying alarm clocks. Now put these alarm clocks at long distance from your bed. Set the alarm on each clock and at 1-2 minute difference. This will help at the time to wake up as every clock will ring one after another and assures you that you wake up from all that loud noise. There is no wonder that you will wake up with a cruddy mood. This trick will help you lot once you understand that this is best for your health, you will start to experience much better about yourself. A peaceful sleep of 6-7 hours is enough for all individuals.

  1. Do not love your sleep:-

You will require renovating the way you experience about sleeping. In addition, you should stop loving the several hours of ineffectual sleep. In fact you should understand that sleeping too much will make you fall ill and stimulate more health issues than you can treat at one time. Headaches, weak muscles, obesity, heart diseases, constipation, bloating, backaches are all warning signs and ill effects linked with excessive sleeping.

  1. Keep patience:-

Don’t determine to wake up on time on one particular day. Keep in mind this process will take time and you will need to keep patience. Try maximum to waking up earlier than regular time and slowly decrease the number of hours you waste on sleeping. No doubt, this will take lots of time, but finally your mind will become habitual to a particular time early in the morning and will consequently wake you up.

  1. At least prioritize life now:-

You will require to make your mind that sleeping too much is not what you desire and you would like to leave a healthy normal life. For happening this, you will require to make a schedule of your day from the start to end. You will require making a timetable which should preferable start with some form of physical exercise. Try your best to join a jym or various classes of karate, yoga or dance. Prepare your mind that you will wake up daily on a specific time from this moment onwards.

  1. Sleep appropriately:-

Try maximum to set your sleep sequence on a 7 hour program. In simple words, if you have to wake up at 6:00 am, then you should preferably be asleep by 11:00 pm. Do not compromise especially with your sleep and remember that you have to get over your sleeping problem and not the other people with whom you celebrate late night party.

If after following all these measures, if you still notice problems in waking up, then this indicates that you might go through from health issues of some sort. As a result, get yourself checked for sleep disorders and make clear all your worries.

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