No doubt, chicken is most popular food throughout the world as it is not only delicious but nutritious too. And there are number of ways to make it more delicious and tasty. There are a wide range of chicken recipes and all are famous across the globe. This nutritious food is favorite among people of all ages. It is a powerhouse of dietary proteins, which considered vital to perform numerous function in the body. Besides proteins, it contains other innumerable valuable vitamins and minerals. Best part is, chicken is low in fats. It highly contains unsaturated fats, which is proven extremely beneficial in lowering cholesterol. Chicken is known to be the staple food of non-vegetarian people. According to several studies, chicken in the form of soup or salad considered best for overall well being of health. Health benefits related to chicken consumption are endless. Chicken is believed to be one of the safest meat and is known to have least side effects. Chicken is considered healthy if it is cooked in boiled form. Fried chicken has no benefits. Similarly, benefits also depend on the freshness of the chicken. Frozen chicken is believed to be unhealthy because it is filled with numerous preservatives. At the same time, make sure that you are consuming chicken in moderate amount. As there are higher chances that excessive consumption may affect your health.


  • Strengthens immunity:-

Chicken contains lots of essential minerals and vitamins which helps to strengthen the immune system. Generally boiled chicken in pepper soup is considered best to combat cold. Chicken holds a rich source of essential mineral called selenium, which fulfills 40 percent of the daily need of your body. Selenium is believed to have antioxidant property which effectively fights against harmful free radicals. So, promote the immune system and ensures smooth functioning of the thyroid gland.

  • Ensures healthy bones:-

Being laden with phosphorous and calcium, keeps bones healthy and keeps bone related diseases at bay. People with weak bones are especially recommended to have chicken in order to overcome bone disorders.

  • Alleviates stress:-

Chicken holds vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) in rich concentration. This vital nutrient is known to have a calming effect on the nerves. Chicken like turkey contains amino acids, especially tryptophan, which offers soothing and cooling effect. Consumption of chicken helps to enhance serotonin level, One hormone helps to obtain control over depression. If you are in a stressful condition, nothing is better than turkey and grilled chicken. Consumption of both ensure relief from stress.

  • Best for muscle buildup:-

Chicken is filled with full of lean proteins, particularly highest quality protein. It means, it holds little fats and lots of proteins. The best advantage that these low fat proteins help highly obese people to lose their weight quickly. Proteins are popular as the building block of muscles. People who want healthy muscles can choose the option of boiled chicken.

  • Raises metabolism:-

Vitamin B6 promotes metabolic cellular reaction. Consuming chicken assist to enhance energy level. On the other hand, metabolism burning calories keeps weight in check. If you feel tired, have some chicken as it provides you with vital  proteins, nutrients and calories. Hence, efficiently keeps your energy level high.

  • Raises testosterone level:-

Chicken is said to be a boon for men. An abundant source of zinc present in chicken aids in regulating the testosterone (one male hormone) level.

  • Keeps healthy heart:-

Chicken contains an excellent source of vitamin B6, one of the vital vitamins plays a crucial role in lowering the level of homocysteine.  Since homocysteine raises risk of cardiac diseases at a higher speed. Consumption of chicken reduces risk of heart attack, if consumed in reasonable amount. So have moderate boil chicken and ensure a healthy heart.

  • Reduces risk of arthritis:-

Chicken is packed with essential mineral called selenium. This mineral is fully capable to protect you from the risk of developing arthritis in later stage of life.

  • Ensures child’s growth:-

Chicken is believed to be one of the ideal food for growing children. Since it is loaded with amino acids that assist children to grow taller and stronger. High level of amino acid present in chicken ensures the overall growth of the child.

  • Enhances appetite:-

Rich sources of zinc found in chicken helps to manage a healthy appetite. Steam chicken soup is highly responsible for changing the taste of mouth.

  • Comforts PMS Symptoms:-

Chicken also holds magnesium in large quantity. Hence, assist to get rid of premenstrual stress substantially. The magnesium level in the blood gets reduced before the occurrence of a period. So, having balanced chicken is one of the best solution to cover that loss.

  • Other health benefits:-
  • An excellent source of vitamin B6 present in chicken is necessary for carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. Besides that, necessary for production of RBC also.
  • Chicken holds a rich source of vitamin B3, B6 and niacin, which is important for improving digestive system, skin and nerves. Keep in mind, lack of this vital nutrient in the body raises risk of pellagra, A kind of disease describes by diarrhea, hyperpigmentation and dermatitis, dementia, inflammation of mouth and tongue and sometimes even also result in death.
  • Chicken also provides¬† an adequate amount of phosphorous, so helps in the formation and maintenance of teeth.
  • Great source of phosphorous and vitamin B6 present in chicken ensures smooth functioning of the kidney as well as the nervous system.
  • Chicken fulfills the potassium requirement of the body also, as only 4 ounces of chicken hold 300 milligrams potassium. Apart from that, the best part is, it is filled with amino acids, which are not produced by the body. The amino acids, which chicken provides is also called as essential amino acids. Chicken provides sufficient amount of zinc, which is used in process of hormonal development of the body.
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