Amazing Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Oil

Olive oil is the best oil. This multipurpose oil is in everyone’s hit list. Other than being good for health, skin and hair, olive oil gives expert treatment for many medical conditions too. Olive oil is of many types. The best among all is extra virgin oil. It is the best quality oil. No chemical is involved in extra virgin oil. Multiple benefits offered by extra virgin oil are mentioned below. Go through them and get deeper info about the oil.

1) For a healthy heart extra virgin oil is idyllic. People who are extra careful about their health and heart use this oil only in cooking. Extra virgin oil eliminates LDL from the body. LDL is bad cholesterol and harmful for the body. It even causes strokes and heart attacks. So, this way the oil protects heart and takes care of it. The oil increases the production of HDL. It is good cholesterol and extremely important for performing some functions. The oil also increases the level of antioxidants. Antioxidants rules out free radicals, therefore safeguards from cancer.

2) Everyone wants their hair to be shiny and healthy. Extra virgin oil is very good for hair. Give your hair a massage of this oil at least once in a week.

3) Indigestion is common problem among people. Stomach ulcer is also commonly experienced. Hydrochloric acid in the stomach is the cause of these problems. Extra virgin olive oil lowers the level of hydrochloric acid. That’s how help in controlling these problems.

Extra virgin oil is full of benefits. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, the oil is good in many other ways too. Include it in your lifestyle and keep relishing the benefits.

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