Raisin is a delicious, tiny dry fruit favorite among people of all ages and acquired by drying grapes. It is good in taste also, so no one controls to stop by eating one. Raisins are expensive and highly nutritious as well. These days, raisins are cultivating extensively in numerous countries like Turkey, Iran, Australia, Greece, California and Chile. Raisins are unreplaceable and healthiest amongst dry fruits. They come in different colors like black, golden, and green. Raisins are extensively utilized in cultural cooking and also mixed in health tonics, snacks and compact.


  • Treats Constipation:-

Soak few raisins in a glass of drinking water for 24-48 hours to get rid of constipation. Take the water early morning without taking any food as it assist in regular bowel movement. This mixture must be taken by people suffering through constipation and other such problems.

  • Fights anemia:-

Raisins are packed with iron, this is because considered best remedy to beat anemia. B-complex group of vitamins present in raisins plays a significant role in blood formation. This enhances the blood and assist patient of anemia. It holds an excellent source of copper which encourage the development of red blood cells.

  • Promotes libido:-

They hold arginine, a semi-essential amino acid. This amino acid assists in enhancing the sexual desire and beats the issue of erection amongst men as well. Since they are well known as libido enhancer, hence consequently cures other sexual problems as well.

  • Prevents cancer:-

Raisins are a powerhouse of catechins, which are nothing but polyphenolic antioxidants in the blood. Antioxidant provides protection against the free radicals that drift around the body. Free radicals are said to be the biggest culprits that contributes to impulsive development of cancer cells. In short, by incorporating raisins in your diet the amount of antioxidant will increase in the body, so can certainly prevent cancer from developing or delay its progress.

  • Ensures healthy vision:-

Raisins hold polyphenolic phytronutrients and these considered extremely useful for visual health. Since they protect eyes by combating free radicals and prevent various eye diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration and weakening of vision. Besides powerful antioxidant, raisins also hold substantial amount of vitamin A, A-Carotenoid and A-Beta carotene, all of which are considered to be obligatory for obtaining good visual health.

  • Prevent diabetes:-

Several researches have disclosed that raisins assist to cut down the postprandial insulin response. Increase in insulin level after having meal is said to be extremely harmful for people suffering from diabetes. It regulates the sugar assimilation by the body, making it stabilize. Raisins also aid to modulate the discharge of ghrelin and leptin. These are hormones and do the function of telling you whether body is hungry or full. By keeping these hormones in control, people who consume raisins can manage a healthy diet and can obtain control over eating. This in turn further enhances the possibilities of living comfortably with diabetes.

  • Cures fever:-

Raisins holds great source of phenolic phytonutrients, which are popular for their antibiotic, antioxidant and germicidal properties and assist to treat fever by combating bacterial and viral infections.

  • Improves bone health:-

Raisins are loaded with calcium and are indispensable in your diet to keep teeth and bones powerful. Raisins include a micronutrient named boron, which help in calcium assimilation and bone development. Women must consume raisins on a regular basis after phase of menopause to prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

  • Acidosis:-

Acidosis is one such medical condition in which the level of acidity in the blood and respiratory tract is significantly elevated. Acidosis induces the increase of acids of the stomach. It holds excessive amount of alkaline elements in them, which assist in liquidating the increase of acids in the body. Daily intake of raisins assists to acquire control over the levels of acids, which is a consequence of too much intake of meat or cereals.

  • Best for weight gain:-

No doubt, there is much hype about weight gain and obesity amongst teenagers. However, there are many people who go through being underweight as well. Raisins hold glucose and fructose in rich concentration, which functions as energy enhancers. Hence, Raisins is good solution for those who want to acquire high level of energy, without collection of cholesterol. They have proven useful in assimilation of minerals, vitamins, proteins and nutrients which assists the people in gaining weight.

  • Potent for oral care:-

Children are highly susceptible to dental issues and parent find difficult to find one potent solution to overcome it. To get over dental issues raisins is one excellent solution. They are packed with oleanolic acid, which is a part of phytochemical. This element combats tooth decay, brittle teeth, gingivitis and cavities. The added advantage is they are filled with calcium; hence consequently assist to keep your teeth strong.

  • Helps to defeat hypertension:-

Since ancient times, it is said that raisins have the ability to lower blood pressure and keeps heart healthy. According to studies, there is positive link between reduce high blood pressure and intake of raisins. Though raisins are fully nutritious but experts said that copious amount of potassium in raisins helps a lot to deal with this condition. Several studies have shown that potassium helps to reduce the pressure of blood vessels and diminish blood pressure.

In addition to above mention benefits, fiber in raisins aids encourage emission of bile from the body, and it induces the burning of cholesterol, thereby boosting excellent cardiac health. In addition, the quantity of fiber found in raisins assists to remove the toxins and damaging materials in the digestive tract. This further helps people to stay away from various intestinal diseases and bacterial growth that are eradicated when toxins are removed.

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