Brain is a main controller of our body, it reacts according to the messages it derives. Brain is divided into three different parts; forebrain (cerebrum), hind brain (cerebellum) and brainstem. The forebrain is the biggest part of the brain, which controls emotions, memory, etc. Hind brain is quite attached to the spine; it manages the movement, postures and balance of the body. Brain stem manages the function, which we don’t acknowledge like breathing; heartbeats, etc. are managed by this part of the brain. Brain tumor is nothing, but a cancer in the brain, it occurs due to the abnormal growth of tissues in the brain. Brain tumors are curable and incurable since all tumors of the brain are not cancerous.

Malignant leads to brain tumors; that generates and extends forcefully and break down the normal cell growth. It defeats the normal cells and takes place to form abnormal cells, which results brain tumor. It actually takes the life of the person. Benign brain tumor grows gradually and it doesn’t spread in the body. Brain tumors are divided into different categories primary and metastatic. The primary brain tumor is generated in the brain; pituitary adenomas, meningiomas, gliomas, vestibular schwannomas, etc. are the primary brain tumors. The metastatic brain tumor is made up of abnormal cells (cancerous cells), which generates in the brain and spreads in the body. These cancerous cells might take place in any part of the body; it is quite risky and rarely curable. Metastatic brain tumor grows so quickly, which mainly cause breast cancer and lung damages.


The main causes of brain tumor research are still in process, but researcher had proven some of the proceedings that could cause brain tumor.

  • It is a genetic, so the chain goes on alternative stages of the family.
  • If a person has got hurt somewhere in the brain.
  • The usage of hard chemicals.
  • Hormones of the person.
  • Various diseases
  • The occupation of the person.
  • The environmental aspects


The researcher has noticed some of the factors that could bring the risk of tumor in the brain.

  • An electrical cable wire
  • The process of joining the iron
  • Excessive usage of mobile phones
  • Hair dye, which contain invisible chemicals that gradually affect the upper cover of the brain.
  • A continues chain smoker and alcohol drinker may face this syndrome. The investigator has reported that, an excessive smoking causes brain ham rage and increases the chances of brain tumor.


Some of the symptoms of brain tumor can be recognized, and some couldn’t get recognized. Some of the symptoms come to know at the last stage of the cancer, or sometimes after death. Each tumor has different symptoms. The general symptoms of the brain tumor are sadness, giddiness, nausea and head pain; disorder of personality look, inactive respiratory and cardiac function.

Symptoms of brain tumor that are found in the forehead (cerebrum) and the middle head (brain stem) are:

  • Difficulty in performing normal activities
  • Changes in the vision of the person.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Attack of paralyzed on half of the body
  • Feeling weak, irritated and confused
  • Changes in the hormones
  • Raises and difficulty in Intracranial increase.

Symptoms of brain tumor that are found in the hind brain (cerebellum) are:

  • Swelling in the head
  • Finding difficulty in walking and muscle movement.
  • Persistent headache and instant vomiting without nausea
  • A severe instant pain in the brain.


Since the symptoms of tumor hardly get recognized, treatment becomes very difficult. Brain tumor can expand to any parts of the body, as like they can generate in the cells that build the brain tissue, the nerves that is connected to the brain; and the covered surface of the brain. The treatment of the brain tumor depends on many factors as like, age of the person, health and the medication. It is also based on the size, location and type of tumor. It has also depended on the bearing ability of the patient; severe pain, procedures and treatment. Treatment would be possible most probably at the initial stage of the tumor. The growth of the tumor are gradual, it increases inch by inch, but if you ignored it may cause death. People can go under medications, surgery and steroids. However, it could not recognize easily, the doctor advised to do a C.T scan or M.R.I.  that’s indicate the situation of the inner brain parts, and states whether the person is suffering from a brain tumor or not. The treatment often starts after the checkup of the brain. People may follow the various steps to treat the tumor.

  • Surgery

The benign brain tumor and malignant brain tumor have higher chances of surgery. The treatment aims to eradicate the tumor, and prevent from damaging the remaining normal tissues. This treatment may result to slow down the growth of cancerous cells. Most of the cases people suffering from this cancer get cured, after undergoing this treatment.

  • Radiotherapy

If surgery treatment doesn’t work doctor tend to follow radiotherapy, to kill the cancerous cells. It is a very high range of radiation that is focused on the particular cancerous area, which kills the abnormal cells. It discontinues the growth of cancerous cells.

  • Chemotherapy

In this treatment doctor uses anti-cancer medicines, to kill abnormal or cancerous cells.

It can be used, after undergoing the treatments called radiotherapy and surgery, just to reduce the growth of the cancerous cells. The intake of various high dosage medicines could damage the liver and other organs of the body. Prefer to use the medicines according to the doctor’s advice, and try not to miss any of the medicines during the process.


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