Sudden weight gain is a common issue confronted by most of women all over the world.  Increase in weight during pregnancy is believed to be common and is said to be progressive weight gain. A weight gain takes place with menstruation is called as periodic weight gain. There are numerous reasons linked with sudden weight gain in women and they vary from person to person. Below listed are common causes that give rise to sudden weight gain in women:

  • Eating excessively:-

Sudden increase in your body weight is generally due to overconsumption of calories than those necessary, or utilized by your body. Further, these unused calories contribute to fat storage. Intake of too much calories, when you are doing low-level activities contributes to stuffing of unused calories. Eating too much and particularly intake of unhealthy food is one of the primary reasons behind sudden weight gain in women. Eating excessively and that too without necessary physical activities contribute to increased weight.

  • Hypothyroidism:-

It is another major reason behind sudden weight gain in women. Shortage of thyroid hormone in body gives rise to development of diluted metabolism of food. Therefore chances of loss of appetite increases, accompanied by modest weight gain. Protein accumulation in your body results in fat collection and fluid retention contributing to weight gain. Weight gain is most common symptom linked with hypothyroidism. Besides, swelling of face, fatigue, poor memory, lethargy, weakness, diminished sweating, puffy eyes, are also common symptoms of hypothyroidism. Keep in mind that women from any age group can become victim of hypothyroidism.

  • Stress:-

Stress is also main culprit of sudden increase in body weight of ladies. It is known to have major impact on eating habits of woman. It is believed that extreme stress give rise to issue of excessive eating and thus results in weight gain. Too much stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional factors develops risk of weight gain. There are many stages in a woman’s life associated to emotional issues. Stress and depression are responsible for decelerating metabolism. People going through depression and stressful situation usually give preference to consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates. Since it offers soothing and calming effect and activates an increase in serotonin.

  • Menopause:-

During phase of menopause, the hormonal changes in body give rise to issue of increased appetite. This in turn leads to increase in weight of ladies. Because of changing body composition women find difficult to lose any extra weight.

  • Shortage of fiber:-

Several studies have disclosed that fiber is indispensable to losing and maintaining healthy body weight. Fiber is one such essential nutrient which not only boosts bowel health but also keeps you fuller for longer period. This assist you to eat less, so consequently chances of weight gain reduced completely.

  • Poor sleep:-

Women affected with sleep disorder often experienced risk of weight gain. Due to lack of sleep body fails to work to its best capability. The body’s responds to poor sleep by storing fat.

  • Deficiency of fatty acids:-

Not all fats, but there are some healthy fats which plays a key role in maintaining ideal body weight. For instance, fatty acids present in flaxseed oil helps a lot in maintaining metabolism and inhibit unhealthy food desires.

  • Cushing’s syndrome:-

Lots of the hormone cortisol in body is also one possible cause associated with sudden weight gain in women. In this medical condition, fat build ups over face, abdomen and upper back and rest of the body stays slim. Apart from weight gain, other common symptoms associated with this disorder include high blood pressure, weakness, irregular menstruation, glucose intolerance, thin skin and so on. Several studies have revealed a close interlinked between hormones and weight gain in women.

  • Certain medications:-

Certain medications are another possible cause of sudden weight gain confronted by women. Many medications and drugs carry innumerable side effects related to health and weight gain is most common among them. Medications like steroids, birth control pills, antidepressants, corticosteroids and other hormonal medications lead to increased appetite and fluid retention, which further result in weight gain consequently.

  • Lifestyle:-

Sudden increase in weight frequently also takes place due to lifestyle related issues. Again, consuming unhealthy foodstuff is primary cause. Further, taking meal at inappropriate timings, eating late nights and sleeping soon after having meal are some lifestyle related habits gives an open invitation to the problem. Giving preference to fried or packaged foods instead of healthy meal, intake of fizzy drinks and skipping or cutting meals, all leads to weight gain problem. No doubt, certain medication condition in women gives rise to sudden weigh gain in women. But reviewing eating and exercising habit is prime necessity. In addition, poor sleep is also risk factors of excessive weight gain. Making some changes in lifestyle will definitely prove beneficial for you in this condition. In simple words, following meal timings and incorporating a balanced diet consisting of whole grains, fruits and vegetables and averting consumption of food items rich in fats is obligatory to maintaining healthy body weight in the long run.

  • Certain diseases:-

There are innumerable diseases and illness which induces weight gain. An ovarian cyst is one such medical condition wherein chances of weight gain enhanced by around 30 pounds over a short period of time. Besides that, even problems related with kidneys, liver and heart are also linked with weight gain. Also, women with breast cancer frequently undergo fluctuations in weight.

Sudden increase in body weight definitely does not occur without reason. As soon as you notice sudden increase in weight, you need to properly diagnose by an expert doctor. If you find difficulty in getting time for exercising from your busy schedule then prefer long walk or jog in order to acquire control over weight. Opting healthy lifestyle, avoiding fast food and exercising daily is best solution to keep those extra pounds away.

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