Headache, one most common condition most of people across the world confront. People of any age group go through this problem at any time of the day. It is distinguished into different types including continues ones, frequent ones and one that comes and vanish on own. It can be minor, serious, and dull or hurting depending on the type of headache. The type of headache relies on the cause and also changes accordingly.

Persistent headache is symptoms of a fundamental disorder. Never ignore this low grade headache which occurs on a daily basis. Therefore, understanding the exact cause is extremely vital to get rid of it.


A minor headache can arise due to innumerable reasons like common cold, inadequate sleep and acidity. However, the causes linked with frequent or long lasting headaches can be more serious than these. Below listed are some of the dominant frequent causes in people.

  • Migraine:-

Migraine is a condition followed by chronic and persistent headache. The correct cause behind development of this condition is still not identified. The type of headache noticed by a person going through migraine differs from person to person. Some people may experience minor headache or for a few hours, whereas others may observe severe headache and for a couple of days. People with migraine may experience symptoms like vomiting, nausea and sensibility to sound and light. In case of migraine, people may undergo either headaches in one side or both sides of head. In some people, powerful aroma, hormonal changes and intake of certain foods are responsible for aggravating the pain.

  • Head injury:-

If people are affected with head injury or trauma the chances are high that they may go through dizziness and headaches. Hence, it should me remarked that, headache and dizziness (vertigo) are in some cases associated to each other. As a result, if they come together, one should consider that it is confirmed condition of severe disorder. Besides, injury to neck can also give rise to dizziness and headache.

  • Stress:-

These days, stress and tension are inevitable parts of modern-day lifestyle and both are leading reasons behind fatigue and headache. Financial problem, major health disorders and problem related to work are root causes of stress. Likewise, continuous feeling of depression, loneliness and anxiety also linked with excessive stress. In addition, fast paced lifestyle, too much intake of alcohol and drug abuse is some of reasons which result in stress, tension and further therefore headache.

  • Lack of water in the body:-

People are not much aware that headache is also one of the sign of dehydration. Not drinking enough amounts of water or fluids causes dehydration. However, headache is not the single symptoms of dehydration. There are other symptoms such as dry mouth, weakness, dizziness, thirst and muscle cramps are also commonly noticed.

  • Taking heavy dose:-

To overcome frequent headache, think twice or thrice before taking painkillers. It has been noticed that painkillers are major culprits for causing it. People are become habitual to taking painkillers every time when they experienced headache. This contributes to a nasty cycle of drugs and headaches. In addition, side effects of numerous other drugs can also induce pain in head.

  • Sinus Headache:-

Sinus headache is believed to be same like migraine headache. But, both are different. Sinus headache is associated to sinusitis; a condition takes place because of infection or inflammation of the sinus. Serious headache is frequently noticed in condition of acute and chronic sinusitis. It can be persistent, serious, dull or even minor. This pain gets aggravated when a person turns down or prefers to sleep in a supine position.

  • Meningitis:-

Meningitis is one kind of serious condition that induces serious headache. This condition takes place only when the membrane around the brain and spinal cord becomes contaminated by virus or bacteria. Besides serious and constant headache, vomiting, confusion, seizures and fever are the other signs of meningitis. Symptoms of meningitis generally become visible instantly. Viral meningitis are less severe comparing to bacterial ones and they may prove life threatening as well, if remain untreated.

  • Cluster Headaches:-

Cluster headache is nothing but sudden unbearable pain that one notices at any time and without any reason. The main fundamental cause behind it is still unknown. This pain usually arises at night and remains few minutes or few hours. Cluster headache is said to be one of the most risky type of pain observed by human being. It frequently comes with other symptoms such as nasal stuffiness and redness and dipping of the eyes.


  • Consume inner part of an apple with adding salt on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Squeezed lemon slices into tea and alleviate the ache.
  • Make use of ice wrap to your head
  • Daily hot foot bath is also wonderful home remedy.
  • Even bath with warm water and small nap can also relive the pain.
  • Certain physical therapy exercises also work wonder.

To get rid of frequent headache adopt some preventive measures. Obviate stress, stay away from alcohol, stop drug abuse, exercise daily are some safety measures which will definitely help you cope with constant headache. Even indulging in meditation and yoga is also best solution to overcome frequent headache. Too much intake of caffeine results in constant headache. Therefore, if would be better if you put limit on consumption of coffee and other caffeine holding products. Aforesaid are some of the possible causes of persistent headache, if you oversee any of it, do not take it lightly and take doctor’s appointment immediately, without delay. With proper treatment, relief from pain is sure. But adopting certain measure is necessity to keep headache at bay.

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