Silagra – The Most Effectual And Potent ED-Pill

Male impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common spread sexual dysfunction among men from almost all the age groups. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual trouble that makes a man helpless and powerless due to which he is unable to perform and bed and thus leaves his partner unsatisfying. The feeling of not being able to satisfying their partner’s sexual needs lowers their confidence and self-esteem to a greater level.

Previously it was studied that aging and relationship issues are some of the most common and leading causes of impotence trouble but that not true. Nowadays there have been many physical, psychological and lifestyle causes that have lead a man to suffer from such disorders.

Various physical causes of erectile dysfunction are heart disease, Diabetes, neurological, multiple sclerosis, Vascular disorder, Spinal cord or prostate gland trauma or injury, Central nervous system (CNS) disorders, stroke, temporal lobe epilepsy, hormonal imbalance, Peyronie’s disease, bowel cancer treatment Hyper-thyroidism, hypo-thyroidism, kidney disease, Pelvic surgery or injury, metabolic syndrome, clogged blood vessels, Systemic illness, Renal failure, prostate cancer treatment, ill-effect of certain drugs (anti-hypertensive, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, nicotine, etc.), etc.

There are other psychological and lifestyle condition that also lead to cause erectile dysfunction such as; depression, stress, trauma, fatigue, lack of confidence, anxiety, relationship problems, fear of failure, guilt, etc. lifestyle causes of erectile dysfunction are; obesity/over-weight, excessive consumption of alcohol, unhealthy diet, addictive smoking, substance abuse, lack of regular exercising, etc.

Since there are no particular sign and symptoms to diagnose this trouble but you can seek advice from your doctor when you are unable to get, sustain, maintain, get a harder enough, or a longer lasting erection. All these sign and system may help you diagnose the trouble. Erectile dysfunction is a very annoying and embarrassing disorder due to which most of the prefer to avoid their part and treatment since they are unable to disclose their trouble with anyone.

Thanks to the rapid development in the field of medicine and science there have been several treatments available in the market such as oral medications (VIiagra, Edegra, Suhagra, Silagra, Caverta, etc.), ED surgery, vacuum pumps, vascular surgery, self injection, penile implant, etc. All these treatment are prescribed treatment that needs to be considered only after discussing it with your healthcare specialist.

Depending upon the cause of this condition, its severity level, the person’s age, and other health condition your doctor will prescribed the best and the most appropriate treatment to you. Among all the above mentioned treatments the oral drug treatment is one of the best and the most widely prescribed treatment of male impotence trouble.

The Sildenafil Citrate based Silagra is the most prescribed and the most preferred drug for the treatment of impotence trouble in men. You may consider taking this pill as it is prescribed to you without making any changes to the prescribed dose. Take only one pill in a day and at a time and remain it is important to maintain a gap of minimum 24hours between the two consecutive doses of Silagra.

This single dose of Silagra will become active in your body within 20-30 minutes and its effect will last for almost 4-5 hours from the time you have taken the pill. Once you have taken the drug remember it will not work on its own sexual stimulation or excitement is essential for this drug to show the desired result. A single dose of Silagra allows the couple to enjoy multiple orgasms and enjoy the effect of longer-lasting hours.

You can take this pill at any time of the day but remember to take it approximately an hour before you wish to have sex. Take this drug only with a glass of water and over a light and a fat free meal this will allow the drug to mix into your body a bit faster and you are able to enjoy its effect for longer time.

Quit smoking and alcohol consumption while you are one the oral drug as this will slower the treatment and cause delay in the treatment. This drug is a chemical based drug and similar to any chemical based drug Silagra is capable of producing certain adverse effects. Although the commonly noticed side-effect of Silagra are not very harmful and do not tend to last in your body for too long as they will face away after sometime.

Some common and less harmful side effect of Silagra are as follows; dizziness, change in vision, blurred vision, increases sensitivity to light, prolonged erection (for almost 4-5 hours), headache, body ache, upset stomach, diarrhea, trouble in hearing, facial flushing, etc. Some men may be allergic to any of its chemical component for them they can ask for some alternative some or else they may notice certain allergic reaction of this drug such as unexplained rashes on skin, sudden swelling of face, hand, and legs, breathlessness, etc.

This drug may also cause certain rare but serious adverse effects such as difficulty in breathing, heart attack, irregular heartbeats, stroke, severe chest pain, etc. These side effect are rare and very dangerous as they may lead to show certain serious mishap or have even proven to be life threatening. Therefore, in case of you notice of any of these side effects lasting in your body for too long then it is advisable for you to seek for an immediate medical support and get it treated as soon as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Go discuss this problem with your doctor today and get it treated with the help of the most effectual and potent ED-pill Silagra.


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