Erectile dysfunction is referred as inability to maintain the erection required for sexual satisfaction. In short, erectile dysfunction or male impotence is the conditions of sexual abnormality. According to studies this condition affects almost 10-15% of males and it makes men emotionally and psychologically disabled. In fact, to suffer from this condition is very frustrating and this phase of life takes a severe toll on the quality of life of men those who are experience this condition at certain point of their life. Most often, this condition takes place among men over 65 years, but it can occur at any age. Sexual performance highly affects the quality of family life and close relationship as well. Sexual arousal is greatly responsible for the result of brain signals transmitted to the nerves in the pelvis region. In this condition many times males finds it difficult to develop an erection even in the presence of good mental and physical arousal. This happens due to various reasons such as numerous cardiac diseases, diabetes, hormonal insufficiency, side effects of certain medicines, prostatectomy surgery trauma and so on. However, those who are suffering from this problem may experience lack of confidence and extreme stress as well.

Basically the symptoms vary depending on the severity of condition among different people. Those people who completely lose their ability to get any kind of erection are referred as the symptoms of complete inability. On the other hand, people who manage to get an erection but cannot catch on; this kind of condition is known as inconsistent ability. Doctor have notice some condition in which they found that, there are some affected people who are able to make a penetration, but at certain point they eventually lose it. This state of condition is known as brief erection. These all symptoms are associated with low sex drive.

The causes associated with erectile dysfunction are same in young men and older adults, while some are most dominant among young population. However, low testosterone, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, parkinson’s disease, hypotension, heart diseases, atherosclerosis, peyronie;s disease and multiple sclerosis are some of the common medical causes which are related with male impotence. Besides these, Excessive drug or alcohol abuse and over dosage or side effects of certain medicines is also the leading cause of this sexual abnormality. Youngsters are mostly prone to cause above mentioned causes. In addition, most of the young men often experience anxiety during indulging in sexual intercourse for the first time and sometime they experience fear of ending up in inducing pregnancy. All the psychological factors are also responsible for losing erection at some extent. Research has revealed that, the extensive use of condom is also responsible for the cause of male impotence. Depression, extreme fatigue and stress are responsible for male impotence as well at great extent.


One can overcome the problem of male impotence with the help of mechanical devices, psychological counseling and certain medications. However, the treatment is decided depending on the severity of the condition.

• Medicines:-
Viagra pill are considered to be most beneficial to treat erectile dysfunction. This medicine started works within an hour and usually lasts for 3-4 hours.

Cialis is another effective medicine helps to overcome male impotence. Take this medicine half an hour before indulging in sexual activity and it is effective only with sexual stimulation. Consider one fact that, this medicine does not enhance sexual desire.

Levitra tablet is also believed to be most beneficial to treat erectile dysfunction. Take this medicine one hour before indulging in sexual activity and this medicine can be effective up to 12 hours. . This medicine does not enhance sexual desire.

• Psychosexual therapy:-
Most of the studies have revealed that, psychological cause is the most prevalent risk factor of erectile problem. This problem takes place through relationship difficulties, anxiety and due to deeper complex causes. An experience counselor may help you to tackle these problems and may offer excellent solution to get rid of these problems.

• Vacuum pump treatment:-
A vacuum pump is one kind of plastic cylinder and this vacuum pump works by placing the device on the penis. The pump is utilized in order to pull out the air inside the tube. This action makes a vacuum and enhances the blood flow to the penis, which in turn result into an erection. Once this process is done, the person has to slip in a tension ring around the base, with the aim to hold in the blood and to maintain a firm erection. Then remove the device thereafter. However, the erection lasts for some time, but it is sufficient for couple to indulge in sexual activity.

• Injection treatment:-
In this form of treatment a medicine is injected directly into the shaft of the penis before indulging in sexual intercourse. In fact, the medication usually works within 15 minutes.

• Hormone treatment:-
Sometimes the hormonal problem is also the cause of erectile dysfunction. But, common hormone abnormality reduces the level of male sex hormone testosterone. However, with the help of hormone replacement therapy testosterone can be restored to a therapeutic level. Testosterone replacement therapy is conducted if there is deficiency is found.

• Penile prosthesis treatment:-
You can not consider the treatment of a penile prosthesis (implant) until other forms of treatment have been conducted. This treatment is classified into two parts of penile implant one is semi rigid type penis implant while the other one is hydraulic type penis implant. In semi rigid type of penis implant treatment method, the penis implant keeps the penis fixed all the time. In addition, it can be bend downwards when you are not indulging in sexual intercourse.

• Surgical treatment:-
There are number of surgical procedures which can be conducted if there is abnormalities in the blood flow in and out of the penis. One fact also considers that the causes of male impotence either can be organic or psychological cause and sometimes combination of both causes. However, you can overcome this problem with the help of specialist in the field of impotence, the specialist is the only person who can identify and treat the cause.

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