Travoprost is a form of soluble eye drops, which works fabulously to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension complications. It is an effective and approved drug, which helps get rid of such eye disorders. One must not ignore certain eye complications; since, it might lead to vision lose. So, try making a soonest treatment of certain eye complication with the help of Travoprost eye drops. An insufficient existence of fluid in the body leads to dry eyes, which generates excessive pressure within the eyes. This pressure sometimes damages the optic nerves, which consequences the issue of vision loss. The studies reported that people who hold insufficient fluid level in the body are at more risk to get this eye disorders. A shortage of fluid brings dehydrated eyes, which gets more pressure while gazing anything. A persistent stress over the eyes makes the optic nerves damaged; hence, one must be careful about their eyes. Well, glaucoma and ocular hypertension is one not the same, both holds the same complication. People, who work late night on computer, students who study in dim light, lack of sleep, low fluid level, etc. found responsible for ocular hypertension (glaucoma). Ocular hypertension is a condition in which pressure within the eyes found higher than the normal one. Certain condition might be genetic, but its precaution and treatment may cut down the risk.

Well, travoprost found to be one of the most effective prescribed drugs to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension issue. People, suffering from certain complication must use this eye ointment to mend the condition. The solution helps reducing the pressure of the eyes, making the optic nerves appease and active to perform. It works like a fluid for the eyes, which trims down the pressure and facilitates its function.


Dosage of any drugs must be prescribed by the doctor; since, they are the one to decide the appropriate dosage. Use this soluble solution in a prescribed manner as physician told you. Do not go for excessive dosage; run the course as many days as the doctor says. If, in case the problem fails to get cured try increasing the dose by seeking the help of the doctor. Using certain dosage according to the prescribed manner seems to be wise and could help getting the complication mend soon. You may get some guidance from the fixed label of the eye drops. Well, if it suggested using two drops, then apply only two drops do not precede more than that; since, it may harm your eye-sights. Do wash your eyes and hand properly before applying the eye drops. Take out the placed lens prior appliance of the drops and fixed it again after an hour. Keep your eyes close for 3 minutes, so that the solution gets mixed properly and could reach to the affected area. Do not place your fingers or rub the eyes every now then; since, the solution may get contaminated, which might make the complication more critical. Do use this eye drops in hygienic ways; it’s 4-5 times usage in a day is found sufficient, but in case of excessive dosage consult the doctor. It has been found that people who follow the recommendation of the doctor appropriately may get the complication cured soon. Do not miss or double the dosage.


Precautions are a mandatory step that should be followed by every users of the medicine. One must maintain this habit to get rid of certain complication rapidly. A pregnant and lactating woman must avoid using this eye drops until and unless the doctors suggest. Person, who has gone through eye surgery, must consult the doctor before using this solution. People, who are under medication process or already using certain eye drops, must disclose this to the doctor before using the Travoprost eye drops. People, who hold a cardiac, liver, kidney, etc. disorders, must reveal the doctor before making the use of this solution. Do not rush for the work immediately after appliance of the drops; avoid doing any machinery work. Wear goggle as a precautionary measure while driving or traveling. Stay away from dust, air and chemical polluted area; since, they are mainly found responsible for certain eye disorders. Try consuming as much water as you can; since, water deficiency found one of the leading factors, to cause eye complications. Try consuming vitamin A and C rich foods; since, it is found good for the eye sights. People, who manage to eat certain rich foods, are at less risk of eye disorders.


Side-effects are a phase of every medicine in which some goes severe and some found normal. Well, it depends on how systematically the person uses the solution; since, it has been found that people who take overdose are at more risk of side-effects. Blurry vision, inflamed, itchy and reddish eyes are some normal indication of side-effects. Further, an excessive heart beats, nasal blockage, inflamed lips, eyes, throat and face indicates some severe side-effects, which needs an immediate help of the doctor.


One can store the solution in the room temperature or in the refrigerator. However, refrigerator found to be the safest place, but one must not let it get freeze. Keep the solution away from sunlight and small children. Avoid using an outdated solution; hence, keep noticing the expiry date.

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