Generally, the problem of sexual dysfunction takes place when sexual response cycle prevents couples from obtaining intense level of satisfaction from sexual act. This problem is such unpleasant that so many people find even difficult to discuss also. But, there are many cases of sexual dysfunction which can be easily treatable if you share it with you partner and physician. This condition is a result of many psychological causes like work related stress, anxiety, relationship problems, depression, effects of past sexual trauma and so on. Apart from these, many physical causes like diabetes, cardiac diseases, neurological disorders, severe diseases like cancer, kidney or liver failure, addition of smoking, alcohol, hormonal imbalances, and side effects of certain medicines are major obstacles in occurrence of sexual dysfunction. Both men and women are affected badly by sexual dysfunction, especially adults due to poor health and many healthy disorders associated with ageing. The most common sexual problem that affects men includes erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder and lack of sexual desire.


  • Erectile dysfunction:-

Most of men across the globe are affected with erectile dysfunction (ED), also referred as impotence. Erectile dysfunction means the inability of man to obtain or maintain hard erection during sexual intercourse. Diseases affecting blood flow like atherosclerosis, nerve disorder, and psychological factors like stress, depression, performance anxiety, severe health disorders, and injury to penis, Peyronie diseases and certain medication are some of the leading causes that are associated with risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

  • Inhibited sexual desire:-

Lack of sexual desire or loss of libido is such severe problems in which interest for sexual activity gets reduced. Several physical and psychological factors are said to be major obstructions in way of enhancement of libido. Low level of testosterone hormone is another prime cause responsible for low sex drive in men. Basically psychological problems like depression, anxiety, disputes in relationship and medical condition like hypertension, diabetes and certain medication like anti-depressants are lead to low level of testosterone hormone and consequently poor libido in men.

  • Ejaculation disorders:-

There are different types of ejaculation disorders which include premature ejaculation, inhibited or retarded ejaculation and last retrograde ejaculation. In most of cases premature and inhibited ejaculation occurs due to past traumatic events, lack of attraction about partner and some psychological factors as well. In addition, in some cases strict religious background also stimulates the person to consider sex as sinful and that also affects a lot. Certain medications like anti-depressants also cause ejaculation disorders. On other hand, retrograde ejaculation occurs in male with diabetic neuropathy. Some retrograde ejaculation takes place due to the operation of bladder neck, prostate and after some abdominal operation as well. Besides these, certain drugs utilized to mood disorders may create problems with ejaculation. Usually this problem does not need treatment otherwise it may cause obstacles in fertility.


Recognition of fundamental physical and psychological problem that lead to male sexual dysfunction is vital in order to treat the problem effectively. However, treatment of sexual dysfunction includes various strategies, which are listed below:

  • Drugs: - Medicines plays a crucial role in improving sexual function by way of enhancing blood flow to the penis. In addition, intra-penile injection and urethral pellets also utilized to treat sexual dysfunction in men.
  • Medical treatment: - This is another effective method that involves treatment of any physical problem which is major culprit in man’s sexual dysfunction.
  • Hormones: - Hormone supplementation, testosterone replacement therapy is considered an ideal option for those men who are having low level of testosterone.
  • Education and communication: - Lack of awareness about sex also creates lots of problem, knowledge about sexual behaviors and sex can help men to deal with anxieties about sexual activity. In short, by sex education and communicating with parterres about your needs can help every individual to lead a healthy sex life.
  • Psychological therapy: - Therapy conducted by well trained counselor can also work wonderfully in order to overcome fear of guilt and feeling of anxiety that result in sexual dysfunction.
  • Mechanical aids: - Various mechanical devices like penile implants and vacuum devices can also help men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The success of treatment is totally depends on early detection of fundamental cause of the problem. However, treatment of mild dysfunction associated to fear, stress or anxiety is also possible with the help of education, improving communication between partners and counseling.


There are possibilities of prevention of sexual dysfunction to a great extent by adopting healthy lifestyle. Below mentioned are some of the measure which can definitely help you to maintain good sexual function:

  • Follow treatment of your physician plan to treat any health disorder in a appropriate manner
  • Avoid excess consumption of alcohol otherwise drink in moderation
  • Say no to smoking and harmful drugs like cocaine
  • Sort out disputes in relationship by way of improving communication
  • If you are undergoing from psychological problems like anxiety, depression and stress from long period then seek for medical help immediately to avoid further severe complications.
  • Take a healthy diet and includes foods in your daily regimen that promotes to enhance your sex drive. Try to maintain healthy body weight and keep obesity and related health disorders at bay.

Most of men deal with a problem of sexual function from every now and then. Hence, if problems remain for prolonged period then it enables couple to suffer from stress and also creates negative impact on their relationship. Therefore it is necessary to visit health care provider immediately for evaluation and treatment if problems are persistent regarding sexual function.

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