Human body is incapable to produce omega 3 fatty acids by their own. Hence, to obtain this vital nutrient (also known by n-3 fatty acids) you need to depend on the diet. These fats play a dominant role in several bodily functions. They facilitate to develop firm cell membranes and so prevent cell damage. Intake of this vital nutrient helps to avert unwanted blood clotting, formation of cancer cells, increased cholesterol and triglycerides level, overweight, inflammation and thickening of arteries. Strong cell membranes assist to improve the permeability of cells. This in turn ensures strong health. Shortage of this essential nutrient in body gives rise to number of health complications. Hence, there are some benefits are listed below to make you aware why this nutrient is must for you.

  1. Keeps you sharp:-

Fish is often called as “brain food” because omega-3s is abundantly present in it. According to studies consumption of numerous omega-3s rich fish is proven extremely beneficial to improve brain health for people of all ages. This vital nutrient improves brain function by maintaining healthy circulation (blood flow to brain). In addition, provides structure and integrity to the membranes of cells present in brain.

  1. Keeps weight under control:-

Studies have found close link between obesity and low level of omega-3s. According to studies low blood level of omega-3s develops chances of obesity. Even they also offer metabolic benefits and promote hormones that assist to control your hunger and make the body to cut fat. In addition, omega-3s reduces hunger hormones and assist to boost hormones associated to feelings of fullness.

  1. Keeps certain cancers at bay:-

There are several studies which indicates that omega-3s helps you substantially to stay away from developing breast and colon cancer. According to studies, omega-3s inhibits the formation of tumor cell lines. Studies believe that women who consume omega-3 fatty acids highly had 14 percent less likely to suffer from breast cancer.

  1. Assist you to live longer:-

Stroke disease is fourth main reason behind death in US and the chances are high that 80 percent of strokes can be avoidable.  In numerous studies it has been found that omega-3s are heart friendly. In fact, it is crucial to stay away from risk of stroke. The disease of stroke is believed to be “brain attack” because blood vessels to the brain is obstructed or sometimes breaks, hence contributes to brain damage. Plus, omega-3s also keeps stroke influencing risk factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis and blood pressure under control. Studies indicate that elderly people who consume omega-3s highly have lower chances of dying from coronary incident like heart attack or stroke. In simple words, omega-3s is considered boon for stroke disease.

  1. Good for skin health:-

Frequently, skin damage takes place because of sunlight exposure and the reaction that is raised on the cellular level. Research shows that, intake of omega-3 fatty acids offers protection to the skin cells from sun exposure. According to research omega-3s plays a leading role in diminishing photosensitivity, reducing immune response, sun exposure and declining photo aging and oxidative stress that are outcomes of sun exposure. Sufficient consumption of omega-3s is significantly needed to keep risk of skin cancer at bay.

  1. Promote good cholesterol:-

Diet enriched with omega-3s and less in saturated fats ensures high level of good (HDL) cholesterols and keeps (LDL) cholesterol at low. To obtain higher levels of good cholesterol, give maximum preference to intake of wild and sustainable sources of cod or salmon. Studies have found that omega-3s from consuming salmon enhances blood level of EPA/DHA significantly comparing to fish oil supplements.

  1. Improves your mood:-

Evidence indicates that omega-3s also assist to get relief not only from depression but also from other mental health conditions. Several researches have proved that people who include more seafood in their diet have less chance of suffering from depression and postpartum depression. Omega-3s is known to have positive effect on aggressive behaviors and also aids to improve and stabilize mood if individual is under extremely stressful situation.

  1. Lowers blood pressure:-

Most vital benefit of omega-3s that it is has the ability to keep blood pressure under control. Studies indicate that people who consume more seafood are less likely to suffer through high blood pressure than who don’t eat fish at all.

  1. Pain reliever:-

Omega-3s is considered to potent anti-inflammatory alternative. Since, it is adequately capable to reduce markers of inflammation that are associated to muscle pain and joint, which is frequently treated with help of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), particularly ibuprofen. It would be better and safe if you take EPA/DHA supplements rather than NSAIDs to overcome pain.

 10.  Effects for eye health:-

DHA omega-3 is focused in macula, retina and other areas of the eyes. Studies have proved that DHA plays a significant role in maintaining sharp vision. Some studies indicate that DHA supplementation can improve visual effects among premature baby. On the other hand, for elderly people, along with DHA, lutein, carotenoids and zeaxanthin are equally necessary to combat age related macular degeneration, which is prime cause of blindness among elderly people.

11.  Combats inflammation and wrinkles:-

Omega-3s greatly battles against inflammation and wrinkles. Since, severe and systematic inflammation is associated with many diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, signs of ageing like wrinkles and bronchial issues. Studies have disclosed that, if omegas 3s are included extensively in diet, the body has an enough anti-inflammatory agents that support to diminish the body’s inflammatory response.

12.  Reduces harmful triglycerides:-

Omega-3s are responsible for reducing harmful triglycerides because intense triglycerides contribute to pancreatitis, heart disease and metabolic disorders. If possible take 2-4 g of EPA/DHA after taking suggestion from expert doctor to reduce high triglycerides. In order to obtain 1 g of omega-3s per day, a supplement of fortified food is generally needed.

In addition to aforesaid benefits, omega-3s is needed to recover asthma, boost bones health, improves arthritis, and low risk of occurrence of cardiac events.

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