Since past few decades healing unpleasant condition called erectile dysfunction is possible with silagra. With Silagra medication men can enjoy their love life once again. A healthy love making episodes plays a dominant role in a couple’s life. This is essential to keep love energetic in both partners.  If this thing is ignored for some or the other reason or if men confront any difficulty while performing sexual act then he must not feel uncomfortable and instead should share this problem with expert physician without hesitation.

Early and accurate treatment can protect a man from numerous risky incident related to depression, stress, sadness and painful event which must not be permitted to demonstrate and man’s personal life that is related with erectile dysfunction. Silagra is the branded generic version of brand called Viagra, which necessary to include spark to a man’s sexual life by supporting one in obtaining the appropriate penile erection without any complexity. This makes it work effectively within just 30-45 minutes. This powerful anti-impotence pill most comes in the standard dosage of 100 mg pack. The recommended amount of dosage must be consumed by a patient for fast healing. Remember, this pill must consume only with a glass of water and not with any other form of liquid like grape juice of alcohol is not permitted.

Sildenafil citrate is the active chemical constituent of this pill and is also present in generic version of Viagra pills. The potency of this anti-impotency pill is such powerful that it functions properly and offers men the exact pop in the sexual intercourse. A man attains exact penile erection that he can maintain in the long run in the sexual act. In short, with the help of silagra men can keep his partner happy to the core by making the whole act deep pleasurable.

A dynamic erection is possible only when a man is sexually aroused. This kind of stimulation takes place in men when he consumes this anti-impotence tablet. Men can observe deep pleasure until 4-5 hours without disruption once the pill is consumed. Heavy fatty meals and excess intake of alcohol must be strictly averted when this pill is consumed. Follow this instruction strictly because the silagra may not provide you desire result and there will be no use of taking this medication. Daily single pill is enough for a man and over dosage should not be consumed. The chances are high that over dosage can give rise to number of health issues. Hence obviate over dosage and take only recommended dosage to ensure safe and secured ED treatment.

The best part of Silagra is FDA approved, hence considered safe to use. Till date no such pill is found which does not carry some side effects. Just like other medication Silagra also carries some side effects. Both serious as well as less severe side effects are related with use of silagra. Less severe side effects of Silagra are harmless; hence no need to worry about them. Common side effects of silagra includes color blindness, red facial skin, upset stomach, headache, minor dizziness, diarrhea, indigestion, nasal congestion, gas and so on. All these side effects are less severe and get vanish on own.  Generally they take place, if you taking this pill for the first time as the body take time to become adjust. No need to take tension about them if you are regular with this medication. Take simply whenever you feel urge for the sex. The situations become worst only if the symptom lasts for a longer period. Presence of side effect for long period is not good for health. Hence, if it happens, visit to doctor as early as possible. On the other hand, do not ignore to severe side effects. If they occur seek for medical help without delay. Making delay in treatment my prove life threatening also. Hence take extra care and avoid taking chance. The list of serious side effects includes prolonged penis erection, chest pain, swelling, breathing difficulty, blood pressure problem, heart problem, irregular heartbeat and so on.

Taking Silagra without doctor’s permission may cause health hazards. Before beginning with silagra treatment informed your doctor if you are suffering from severe health disorder like kidney, liver and heart problems. In addition, you doctors must be aware if you are consuming any prescribe or non- prescribe medication along with Silagra. Men who allergic to Sildenafil citrate or any of its ingredients are recommended not to take silagra or take with physician’s approval only. Intake of nitrate with Silgra medication is hazardous to the health, hence avoid it strictly. Do not operate any machinery after taking silagra because silagra induces dizziness which contributes to accident in case of operating machineries. Men above 65 are suggested to take silagra only with doctor’s consent. Silagra does not assure you protection against STDs like HIV, thus proper care against them on own is necessary.  Grape fruit, grape juice or alcohol with silagra should not be taken as they lessen the efficacy of the medicine. Therefore, this anti-impotence pill fails to offer the desired result. Silagra is meant only for men suffering from ED, so women, kids, and breastfeeding mothers’ should stay away from use of this medication.

Storage is the prime necessity of all drugs and medicines. Since, it keeps them in good condition and raises their lifespan. Drugs which get spoiled soon indicate that it is stored inappropriately. Therefore, is vital to give proper storage to all medicines to ensure their long term use and to avert drug spoilage. For storing silagra, 25 degree Celsius room temperature is appropriate. Keep silagra away from extreme temperature like too hot, too wet and too dry as they spoil it badly. Make sure that you have kept tabs of Silagra in airtight box and that box is positioned at cool and dark place. Keeping expired tabs of silagra at home is risky, thus discard it properly.

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