Edegra is a miraculous medicine, which makes erection effortless during foreplay. Erectile dysfunction is one serious issue which wrecks sexual life as well as lead to breakdown of relationship. In this condition, men fail to acquire a rigid and erect organ during foreplay. Most of men worldwide confront this problem at some point in their lives. Edegra is a potent solution for erotic disorder since it gives desire results by holding a penile erection for longer time during the sexual act. Consuming single pill of edegra, one hour prior to indulging in sexual act, make your partner happy with a solid and stiff penis. Edegra hold a powerful component called Sildenafil Citrate that will help you to achieve missing happiness in your sexual life. Edegra is the generic version of brand called Viagra. Edegra does the main function of relaxing the penile muscle. Plus, it also elaborates blood vessels. This in turn helps to bring sufficient amount of blood to obtain the expected erect penis through sexual act. Though Edegra does not assure you long lasting relief, but it is proven powerful natural remedy for treating ED temporarily.

Edegra is prescribed anti-impotency pill so take it exactly as per prescription and after taking consent from a physician. Edegra majorly comes in 100mg strength. A single dose per day is sufficient. Consume Edegra pill with water only to get dissolved in bloodstream effortlessly. This anti-impotence pill takes time of around 25-30 minutes to get mix with bloodstream properly. Once it enters bloodstream, immediately starts showing immense results. Consume tablet wholly and obviate crushing, chewing and breaking. Let it dissolve gradually into your blood. Sexual arousal or enthusiasm is vital for Edegra to experience deep pleasure. Keep in mind, Edegra does not work unless and until you are sexually aroused, means work naturally to get rid of erectile issues. Be sure that you are consuming prescribed dose of Edegra. Don’t make the mistake of consuming more tablets once in a day in order to get best result. Since it will result in overdose and critically affect your health.

Side effects are inevitable part of any chemical consist medicine. Same applies to Edegra, it too contributes some side effects that are mild and lived temporarily. The side-effects arise because of edegra are usually less harmful and become lighter after some time. Commonly observed side effects occurred due to Edegra includes nausea, sleep apnea, runny nose, stomach ache, headache, dizziness, back pain, muscle pain, red facial skin, poor vision, facial flushing, constipation, vomiting and so on. These are common side effects, but may prove dangerous if you observe for longer period of time. The chances are high that men who are allergic to any component of Edegra may suffer through allergic reaction. Other chronic side effects related with Edegra that needs immediate medical help includes stroke, kidney diseases, liver diseases, hearing troubles, changes in vision, painful erection, sensitivity to light, prolonged erection and nasal congestion. Do not ignore any aforesaid side effects if they incline to remain in your body for more than 5-6 hours, as sometime they may prove life threatening. If any serious condition takes place you are suggested to contact health care provider without delaying.

Before incorporating Edegra, it is necessary to take guidance from expert physician. Plus, for ensuring safe ED treatment necessary precautionary step must be followed by a patient. Following all the recommended dosage instruction carefully is the first step of overcoming ED. Taking more than one pill of Edegra in a day may cause harm to your body.  Hence, in order to get deep pleasure and to cope with ED at earliest void the mistakes of consuming more than one pill. One Single pill of Edegra is sufficient for a day; just make sure that 24 hours of gap is maintained in two sequential dosages. Sildenafil Citrate is chief ingredient of Edegra tabs. So, never take it along with any other nitrate consist medications. Consuming Edegra with combination of nitrate base medication may give rise to some side effects because they react with each other and possibilities of side effects increases considerably. Void taking Edegra pill with alcohol or grape juice. Simply consume the pill with a glass of water and without breaking, chewing or crushing. Men with ED undergoing spinal cord injury, cancer, heart diseases, liver or kidney disorder are not suggested to consume Edegra. Such people are recommended to take Edegra under strict medical direction.  Do not make changes to recommended dosage without taking suggestion from your physician. Take the proper recommend dosage and stay away from numerous side effects. In simple words, taking correct dosage and following precautionary step is the key to overcome ED related troubles. This anti-impotence pill is especially proposed for men suffering from erotic disorders. So, children, lactating mother and pregnant women should strictly stay away from use of Edegra pill.

Influence of every medication is totally relies on how medicine is stored. The appropriate storage temperature of every medication varies from one another. Medicines that are stored inappropriately lead to spoilage. Edegra must be stored in appropriate room temperature to ensure long term use of this pill. 15-30 Degree Celsius is considered effective temperature to store Edegra. Keep tabs of Edegra away from Extreme temperature as these temperatures is unsuitable. Store Edegra in airtight container and make sure that the place where container is kept, which is cool and dark. Avoid storing Edegra near kitchen sinks or in bathroom as these places are not good for storing. Keeping outdated Edegra tabs at home is dangerous, so carefully dispose of expired tabs.

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