Cyclosporine is not a disease it’s a medicine, which is used to mend dry eyes condition. Dry eye is a critical situation, which can affect any individuals, but it is mostly found common in old age people. One may also pronounce dry eye by the name called keratoconjuctivitis sicca, xerophthalmia and keratitis sicca. It’s a type of eye disorders, which holds less amount of tear or sometimes no tear. In short, when the production of tears gets reduced and the evaporation level gets high the disorders of keratitis sicca arrive. Dry eyes are a state of dehydrated eyes, which leads to inflamed and itching. It’s not common with every human, but found rarely. However, the intensity of dry eyes is found increasing day by day due to occupational and lifestyle effect. It’s not that our eyes produce tears only when we cry, in fact it keeps on forming tears continuously. Tearful eyes are an indication of healthy eyes; since, this helps remove the stains out from the eyes in every blinking step. When the level of tears get reduces the stain get exists and the issue of xerophthalmia arises. There are enormous causes of dry eyes, which comprise blurry vision, swelling, itching, pain, etc. It’s a state causes when the tear glands fail to produce enough tears. As we know that eye is the most important organ of the body, which helps see the creature made by the god.


Here are some of the symptoms, which a person may feel as an indication of xerophthalmia. Facing certain condition must consult the doctor to get mended.

  • Fatigue, burning and itching of the eyes
  • A feeling of cut, soreness and dryness
  • Sensitivity to wind, smoke and light
  • Itchiness, inflammation and redness of the eyes
  • Facing difficulty while placing lenses in the eyes
  • Sticking of the eyes after waking up
  • Blurry vision
  • Painful eyes

Causes of dry eyes

Dry eyes are an indication of water reduction. However, tears are a mixture of water, fatty oils, electrolytes and protein. Without tears it makes difficult to see or read anything. A reduction in any tear mixture called oil; mucus and water lead to xerophthalmia issue. Meibomian glands are responsible to hold oil over the eyelids, which forms lipid and facilitates the flow of tears by reducing the evaporation level. An improper functioning of the Meibomian glands and oil leads to rapid evaporation and results dehydrated eyes. Moreover, lacrimal glands are found responsible to form a tear (mixture of salt and water), which helps clean and hydrate the eyes. A breakdown of lacrimal glands leads to keratitis sicca issue. Furthermore, mucus is the form, which placed inside the layer of the eyes and helps spread the tears around the eye surface. If, this gets imbalances the chances of dry eyes arises.

People, suffering from certain diseases may get the risk of dry eyes. Well, most of the people may get the chances of dry eyes due to excessive medicine intake. Sometimes, an occupation of the people matters a lot. Prolonged gazing on the computer, television, etc. may enhance the risk of dehydrated eyes. Moreover, according to the research a deficiency of vitamin A and C leads to xerophthalmia problem. So, an unhealthy diet may become a barrier for your eye function.

Dry climate, prolonged exposure of sun rays, hot air, wearing contact lens, etc. is found some additional factor to cause dehydrated eyes. Moreover, people who drive continuously may get the risk of eye disorders. Smoking is one of the leading factors to cause dry eyes; since, it brings the body at dehydrated stage soon.


Cyclosporine is a medicine introduced to treat and mend the condition of the dry eyes. It holds an anti-inflammatory or immune-modulators. This medicine assists to treat, moderate to severe dry eye condition. It helps keep the eyes hydrated and moist. It is considered that the Cyclosporine medicine works superbly, to trim down the inflammation and dehydration of the eyes. One can also get rid of redness and painful eyes. Well, this medicine is made only to mend the condition of dry eyes, not every eye disorders can be treated through this medicine. One needs to take the assistance of the doctor before its use.  Reveal the doctor if you are already under treatment of any other eye disorder.


Wash your eyes before applying the Cyclosporine eye drop. Apply twice in a day, but in the same time; must take the gap of 6 hours. Do not overuse the drop; this drop is only for the eyes should not be used somewhere else. Do not rub the eyes after dropping the medicine. Take safety measure, avoid touching your eyes again and again. Take the drop in moderation not over and not under. Complete the procedure as prescribed by the doctor, do not leave the process in between. Once you pour the drops keep your eyes close for 2 minutes and then open, gradually.


In the stage of pregnancy, breast feeding or expectant, do consult the doctor before the use of Cyclosporine. Suffering from any other eye disorders must be revealed.


Store it at a room temperature away from the children and sun rays. After the use, cap the bottle tightly, do not let the air pass in it.

Note: - while purchasing always see the manufacturing and expiry date.


Side-effects of Cyclosporine are rare, but a person may face the situation of itching, flaming, excessive flow of tears, pinning eyes and blurry vision. Well, this is not common with everyone, can be seen hardly.

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