Every main requires reconciling in sexual practices and gratifying themselves and their partner. But, in reality it does not happen in every instance because there are majority of men in world who confront issue of erection failure. In this condition, men become incapable to reach a stiff and erect organ during intercourse. Edegra, a kind of generic Viagra is a popular among men who only trust medications that are trustworthy and safe. Sildenafil Citrate is amply present in this anti-impotence pill. An excellent source of this ingredient helps men to beat impotence effectively. In reality, the potency of Edegra is fabulous and is known to heal 99 percent instances of erotic disorder in men. Hence, men who desire a satisfying sexual life can look for Edegra.

Edegra can treat impotent men just within half an hour of overwhelming this medication. Edegra is on the whole an inhibitor that works on PDE-5 (phosphodiesterace), an enzyme behind onset of erectile dysfunction. Edegra lessens the formation of PDE-5 due to this the blood flow to the pelvic region is regenerated and man becomes capable to attain a solid and rigid erection, enabling him to penetrate his partner.

The consequences of Edegra continue for approx 4-6 hours. This time is sufficient to permit the couple to get intimate for several times. But it is essential to note that Edegra is a medication that should not be consumed without medical direction. Also, the outcomes of Edegra are observed after obtaining some form of sexual stimulation.

Repeating dose of Edegra before 24 hours is prohibited as it can make the man sick, faint and weak. Before starting with Edegra treatment, the man should take advice from his health care adviser concerning the form of diet that he can follow as incorporating a heavy meal can retard the act of Viagra. Another fact that must not be ignored that intake of alcohol along with Edegra can enhance risk of chronic side effects. Men affected by health issues like blood pressure, sickle cell anemia, diabetes, liver problem, heart issues, priapism, diabetes, etc. should take Edegra under medical supervision only. Impotent men sensitive to Sildenafil citrate or to any chemical of Edegra should keep distance from it. Nitrates are hazardous for health if consumed along with PDE5 inhibitors. Hence, void nitrate consumption. Edegra is famous for stimulating faint sensation and blur vision for stipulated time after the consumption. As a result, any task undertaken in that specific time can contribute to an accident. Thus, obviate indulging in any activity. Edegra is only intended for impotent men usage. This pill is not designed for treatment of women sexual problems; hence women and children should stay away from it. Being used to the medication is not good in the long run.

Temporary side effects of Edegra consists red facial skin, headache, diarrhea, color blindness, blur vision, faint sensation, upset stomach etc. Men consuming the medication for the first time are highly vulnerable to these side effects. They stay for short span and fade away easily without taking medical aid. If these mentioned symptoms persist for more than a day, then in that case without delaying run to your doctor.

Edegra exhibits chronic ill effects very rarely. Anything wrong done with the treatment procedure contributes to chronic ill effects. Breathlessness, heart attack, rashes, rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, prolong penis erection, chest pain, etc. are some severe side effects which occurs very rarely. Avoid making delay in treating these symptoms. Long term persistence of these symptoms is certainly worse for health.

Health care professional’s advice is to consume the medication on an empty stomach for noticing prompt outcomes. Oily and fast foods are required to be obviated as they retard the functioning of the medication. Also, evade overeating before or after consuming Edegra pill. One pill of Edegra in 24 hours is fine, not more than that. Taking more than one pill in a day lead to overdose, which further gives an open invitation to wide range of side effects. Simply sip the tablet with a glass of water. Gulping whole pill is definitely good. No need to break, crush or chew this tablet. Evade utilizing other solvents as they are responsible for decelerating the results. Edegra demonstrates outcomes after 45 minutes. So consume the medication in advance and till erections are acquired get engage in love making process. It is also imperative part of foreplay. Edegra is not a medication thought to consume daily for healing ED. In should be consumed when desire to have love making session. Hence, there are no possibilities of missing a dose. Overdosing is absolutely hazardous. Evade overdose of Edegra. Consume only one pill in one day. Follow this easy rule and will never have to confront overdosing related ill effects. If no outcomes emerge in the first time, do not get nervous. It encounters in the beginning. In fact, there are chances you may not obtain result after intake of medication for fourth or fifth time as well. Do not lose hopes and continue trying. Definitely your attempts will pay in sometime. Edegra is mostly supplied in three different doses that are 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. 50 mg is highly recommended to people affected by ED by their health care professionals. But, considering to severity of ED, the dose usually varies from low (25mg) to high (100mg). Do remember, only your physician can suggest the correct dose for you.

Likewise other medication, Edegra should be stored in clean and tidy place. Proper temperature for the medication is room temperature. The temperature should not be more than 30 degree Celsius. Nothing is finer than air tight box for storing Edegra pills. Light, heat and wet surrounding damage the medication. Store the medication away from them. Storing the medication in refrigerator is forbidden. A cool and dark is basic need of Edegra. Ensure dust and dirt is not nearby the medication. Dirt responds promptly with the medication and damages its potency. Kitchen and bathroom temperatures are unsuitable for the anti-ED medications.  With proper discarding procedure throw away outdated pills of Edegra.

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