Basically, treating any cancer is extremely difficult, but among several cancers, breast cancer is believed to be safe. As there are chances that breast cancer can be controlled, if proper treatment and nutritious diet are followed. Women are highly vulnerable to breast cancer comparing to men. This disease very rarely takes place among men. The possibilities of developing breast cancer among women are rising by the day across the world. The great risk is that breast cancer takes place at early age comparing to other type of cancer, stroke and other heart diseases. Uncontrolled growth of cells available in breast tissue is responsible for development of this medical condition. Gender, age, family history, inherited gene, dense breast tissue, exposures to radiation, DES treatment, not having children or having at older age, using of birth control pills, alcohol consumption, following hormone therapy after menopause, no breastfeeding and obesity are some of the possible causes that give rise to development of breast cancer. To get rid of breast cancer, along with healthy diet, early detection and regular medical checkups is must to keep this chronic illness in control. The foods listed below will definitely help you to beat breast cancer significantly.


  • Pomegranate:-

In order to beat breast cancer this delicious fruit is crucially recommended. Pomegranate is filled with polyphenol (an ellagic acid) plus antioxidant as well. These extremely beneficial properties of pomegranate help substantially to prevent cancer growth. Therefore, include pomegranate in your daily diet and see its amazing health benefits.


Tomatoes are excellent source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. This effective nutrients plays a crucial role in giving tomatoes their red color as well keeps risk of developing breast cancer at bay, simply by obstructing cancer cell growth. According to studies, body soaks up lycopene component well, when tomatoes are cooked, processed or concentrated.

Fatty fish:-

One study indicates that women who prefer fish oil supplements are less likely to develop breast cancer than non-users. This happens because fatty fish are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and this vital nutrient is responsible for diminishing inflammation in the body. According to researches chronic inflammation promote breast cancer development. But before consuming supplements take approval from your health care provider and accordingly take. To obviate risk, consume fatty fish like tuna, salmon and mackerel daily but in reasonable amount. These fish are best example of enriched omega-3 fatty acids.

Green tea:-

Intake of green tea on daily basis has been associated to lower occurrence of breast cancer. Presence of phyto-chemicals in green tea offers ample of health benefits. To keep cancer at bay, daily 1-2 cups of green tea are recommended.


An abundance source of cancer fighting compound called allium is present in garlic. Besides garlic, intake of onion, leeks, chives and scallions is also proven beneficial to slow tumor growth and consequently prevent breast cancer. Garlic and onions are extensively utilized in Indian cuisine for making dish tasty. Consume a piece of garlic every morning to ensure a cancer free life.


Turmeric, a spice is widely available in almost all parts of world. Rich source of cancer fighting element called curcumin found in turmeric aids in conquering many types of cancer cells such as gastrointestinal, lung, skin and breast cancer. The great advantage that, only a pinch of turmeric combats hardest of cancer inducing cells.

Whole grains:-

Whole grains are high in various essential minerals, vitamins and fiber. So, give preference to whole grains like oats, brown rice, oats, quinoa, barley and whole wheat. You can heat them in the morning with milk and cinnamon and eat as a warm cereal.


Peppers are known to have great source of phytochemcial which helps to combat cancer considerably. Chilli and jalapeno holds capsaicin in large quantity which battles greatly against the growth rate of cancer cells. Plus, chlorophyll in green peppers fight against cancer causing carcinogens present in the gut. Red peppers are known to have both antioxidant carotenoids and capsaicin.


All berries are laden with antioxidants and phytochemicals which play a key role in reducing oxidation and cancer cell development in the body. Have blueberries in the morning, mix raspberries in the plain yogurt and have it for a snack. Later consume strawberries with dark chocolate as an evening snack.


Lentils and beans hold fiber, folic acid and other various essential nutrients in rich concentration. Presence of all essential nutrients assists to beat cancer risk effectively.

Brazil nuts:-

Brazil nuts contain high amount phytochemicals, fiber and selenium. Brazil nuts assist to combat inflammation, strengthen immune system and prevent tumor growth. Therefore, have Brazil nuts with fruits or asparagus. No need to consume more, only handful of Brazil nuts can work wonder.


You can choose any seed including whole seed, ground or flaxseed oil. Rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and lignans present in flaxseed develops protective structure against cancer cells that lead to breast cancer. Mix flaxseeds to yogurt or a smoothie to make a richer and nutty flavor.

Dark green leafy vegetables:-

Consumption of green leafy vegetables like Swiss chard, spinach, collards and kale is best solution to fight against cancerous cells. Green leafy vegetables are known to be powerhouse of vitamin B, phytochemicals, chlorophyll, fiber and many more potent vitamins.


Walnuts are said to be an ideal super food in order to treat breast cancer. They holds ample amount of omega-3 fatty acids than any other food. Various nutritious properties had made walnuts one potent anti-breast cancer food.

While including above mentioned foods in daily diet, one should kick bad habits like smoking, consumption of alcohol. Several studies have proved that even moderate intake of alcohol can also raised cancer risk. Besides that, one need to avoid refined carbohydrates, low fat and low carb snacks. Red meat and grilled meat give rise to development of element called heterocyclic amines, which is associated to breast cancer risk.

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