For overweight people losing weight is necessary to ensure their long term good health. But, losing weight rapidly may prove harmful to their health. According to studies, losing 1-2 pounds weight per week is fine and to accomplish this goal caloric deficit of 500-1000 per day is a must. Rapid weight loss is associated with a number of severe serious health complications. For maintaining healthy body weight, choose the option of a balanced diet and exercise instead of those unhealthy rapid weight loss tricks and expensive products.


  • One of the main disadvantages of losing weight rapidly that loose skin remains at arms, legs and abdomen. This condition occurs because skin loses some elasticity and find difficult to blanch with the rest of the body. Due to this condition, mental distress as well as issue of uncomfortable chafing increases. One study says that, if the skin two years after weight loss does not fit naturally to other skin of body, then in that case surgery remains only option.
  • Most of the side effects linked with rapid weight loss are for a short period of time. But, gallstone is believed to be one serious consequence of rapid weight loss. When a person suddenly stops eating, the major changes in the balance of bile salts as well as cholesterol takes place. This condition further result in a lethal concoction of the body. The cholesterol further develops lumps, termed gallstones. Gallstones stay temporarily in the bile ducts and it is very painful. In some cases, it can contribute to inflation in the liver, bladder and pancreas too. Keep in mind, even reducing diet suddenly also give rise to less contraction in the gallbladder, which assist the process of gallstone development. In some cases gallstone can be harmless also. But most of people go through serious abdominal pain and nausea due to gallstones. In severe situations, even gallbladder also needs to be removed. Several studies have disclosed that overweight or highly obese people were more likely to suffer from gallstones. Hence, losing weight becomes prime necessity. But at the same, losing weight too quickly enhances your risk of developing gallstone instead of reducing. Therefore, try your level best to lose weigh in a natural organic way to obviate complication. By losing weight in a healthy way also one can the chances of developing gallstone substantially.
  • Because of sudden unexplained weight loss the possibilities of loss of muscle mass raises considerably. If the body does not get adequate amounts of food to perform its daily task, it finds other sources for energy. Researches indicate that, it cannot utilize fat reserve as the body is planned to utilized fat reserve only as the last option. As a result, before making use of fat reserve, body give first priority to consume the muscle mass.
  • Loss of muscle tissue enhances risk of loss of water content in the body. The muscle mass develops because of protein and it’s filled with ample amounts of water. Muscle also responsible for holding plenty of water. Therefore, due to loss of muscle from the body the issue of loss of muscle mass takes place.
  • One of the major and unpleasant problems like hair loss also arises due to rapid weight loss. The issue of hair loss didn’t come alone, it carries stress as well. Adequate amount of protein is necessity of hair growth. In fact, the hair is built up from a protein called keratin. Thus, if you determine to make a reduction in the diet than naturally your possibility of protein consumption will reduce considerably. Without sufficient amounts of protein proper growth of hair is just impossible. Due to reduction in diet, body will try to utilize whatever protein available.
  • Another effect of rapid weight loss includes shivering. The problem is temporary and takes place if you follow the option of weight loss surgery. Surgery generally brings down all extra fat from the body. Fat plays a key role in protecting the body and also stops the loss of body heat. As soon as fat reduces from the body, the risk of body heat lost increases and contribute to a condition called shivering.
  • Since fatty liver disease is commonly linked with obesity, rapid weight loss is responsible for damaging the liver. This happens because sudden shifts in fatty acid profile take place after an unexplained weight loss. In addition, the chances are high that it may occur due to being highly obese also. Even this change sometime gives an open invitation to long term serious complication such as scarring of the liver, high blood pressure, general exhaustion and abdominal pain.
  • When you lose weight very fast, there is no guarantee that you have reduced your extra fat. Several studies have revealed that unexplained sudden weight loss can contribute to major reductions in fat free mass, bone and lean muscle tissue. Due to reduction in fat free mass the possibilities of slow down of metabolism increases significantly, which further induces rebound effect once you stop limiting calories or exercising.
  • There are numerous side effects also linked with the use of weight loss pill. Generally people opt such will without being aware of the side effect of excessive consumption. Incorporating diet pills give rise to the development of numerous medical complications, such as increase heart rate and even palpitations too.

As a craze also some people choose rapid weight loss products extensively available in the market. No doubt, they provide you some effective results. But, various side effects are also linked with such quick weight loss products. People who go for rapid weight loss go through the worst situation as they make use of diet pills extensively. Further diet pills affect the health of their body very badly in the long run. While losing weight, pay attention to your fitness also. If possible, lose your excess weight by adopting a balanced diet, exclude fast food completely, indulge in daily half an hour exercise and obtain control over weight. This is one healthiest and most beneficial way among several options to lose weight.

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