Obesity in teenagers is rising by the day across the world. USA is at an increased risk of developing obesity comparing to other countries. The obesity means an excess buildup of body fat and which includes 20% more weight than actual body weight. In fact, it is known to be one common eating disorder related with adolescence. To combat obesity and to tackle it effectively becomes too much difficult. An inactive lifestyle is the major culprit behind occurrence of this condition. In today’s fast paced lifestyle most of people follow inactive lifestyle as they find difficult to manage time for exercising. Obesity has become serious issue of concern among many families of America. Since past few decades, the level of this most unpleasant problem has risen incredibly among them. To overcome this problem is just impossible. In fact, instead of tackling, it is contributing many severe health complications.

Obesity is such severe medical condition that affects baldy to every individual’s quality of life. Because of obesity, person need to confront number of severe health issues and the life span of individual also gets reduce. This is something that naturally occurs with increase in ages of every human being but teens goes through this experience at an early age. Generally people of teenage groups are necessary to indulge in physical activities in order to lead a healthy life. But, being overweight is such condition that destroys quality of life entirely. The body mass index plays a key role in determining whether person is obese or not according to his/her height. An individual with 25 to 30 kg/m2 is said to be overweight. Any increase in figure of 25-30 kg/m2 is considered to be condition of obesity. According to research, around 15 percent of teenagers are overweight in US and near to reach the condition of obesity. In last 20 years, this condition has risen incredibly.


The prime cause that leads to obesity is the kind of food that is consumed. It is commonly observed that teenagers are loved to eat junk food. Without junk food they feel that their diet is just incomplete. Basically people of this group are not much aware about harmful effects of consuming junk food. Junk food holds many unhealthy ingredients and very few healthy one. Junk food contains an excellent source of fats, cholesterol and oil. Rich sources of these harmful components unknowingly harm teen’s body and gives open invitation to obesity. No doubt, the large influence of fast food over teenage people mind has become major culprit of obesity.

Another biggest risk factor responsible for causing obesity is sedentary lifestyle. In today’s modern world of machine, people of teenage groups spend lots of time only on watching television and computer. Due to this, they just ignore to perform physical activities and their importance. They just prefer to play video games with their different gadgets. Consequently the chances of playing outdoor games have reduced considerably. This condition ends up resulting in an inactive lifestyle. In short, consumption of junk food and lack of physical activity have become major obstacles behind drastic increase in level of obesity in country.


There are so many effects of obesity are observed among obese individual. Among several, high blood pressure, increase level of cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular diseases are known to be major health hazards of obesity. These physical effects are so severe that ruins person’s life very badly and lead to shortened life expectancy. These physical health issues contribute to social disabilities and happiness, which further enhances risk of stress and other mental illness as well. Teenagers who are obese have more possibilities of being obese in their adulthood also, which in turn enhances risk of severe heart related diseases and other health ailments in future. As a result teenagers should make all the possible efforts to obtain control over obesity and to keep obesity related diseases at bay.


Exercising plays a significant role in keeping weight in check. As a result to cope with teenage obesity indulging in physical activity is one best solution for teenagers. Daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes is enough. Besides that, visiting gym or giving time of outdoor sport is also one effective option to overcome teenage obesity. As these active provide the desired results at much greater speed. If any individual finds difficult to manage time for these activities simple jogging or walking option on regular basis can also work wonderfully. In short, obtain control over obesity is possible only when every obese individual puts an end to sedentary lifestyle. In addition, physical activities not  only helps teenagers to maintain healthy body weight but also lowers their risk of hypertension, anxiety, stress and promote self esteem as well.

Teenagers should incorporate a healthy balanced diet to stay away from obesity. Maximum intake of vegetables and fruits will help teens significantly in the purification of system. Teenagers should provide diet low in calories, fat and sugar as it is a key to overcome obesity. They should take plenty of water to keep them hydrated. Along with water, any vegetable or fruit juice is also fine. Water plays a crucial role in eliminating toxins from the body and proved extremely beneficial in weight loss treatment. Besides these, teenage people should put limit on intake of sugar-sweetened beverages, sodium, saturated fats, sugar and fast food.  Make sure that child does not spending long hours on playing video games and watching television.

By adopting healthy lifestyle still if you not able to acquire control over obesity take medical help. Enough family support is essential to come out of this difficult situation. Therefore, adopt healthy lifestyle from beginning itself and do not fall into trap of obesity and stay away from its related health disorders as well.

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