Most of teenage girls across the globe confront lots of issues related to skin. These skin problems take place because teen’s body develop, change or evolve during years of 13 to 19. Hormonal changes are a prime cause which is responsible for changes your body experiences. Hormonal changes are one such cause which gives open invitation to problem like acne. Acne is most common skin problem among every teenage girl. Proper skin care on daily basis is must to keep several skin problems at bay. If you are taking lots of care of your skin from beginning itself, then you no more need to suffer from any skin problem and you will enjoy healthy skin. Proper skin hygiene is vital to protect your skin and to combat with various skin problems even in later life as well.


  • Know your skin type:-

Before searching ways to take care of your skin, understand your skin type first. Oily, Dry and normal are some simple types of skin. Once you come to know your skin type, use cosmetics accordingly. Your skin type decides how much care you need to take and what problems you are going to suffer. It is not very hard to determine your skin type. You can find it easily after noticing few days if it is oily or dry. If you are not sure then ask your skin specialist instantly. Do not use so many artificial products at one time. Since, they may result in mix reaction to your skin particularly during teenage years.

  • Cleansing:-

This is believed to be most important skin care tip for teenage girls and other women too. Cleansing face with mild cleanser at least twice in a day is necessary. Do not use harsh scrubs as may only harm you skin and may worsen acne problem (If any). People with dry skin can only use cleanser which holds moderate amount of mistrusting properties. On the other hand, girls having oily skin needs to use oil free cleansers. Cleansing helps significantly to remove all pores and dirt from skin.

  • Protect your skin from sun damage:-

Protect your skin from excess heat of sun as premature ageing is most leading risk factors associated with it. Hence make sure that you have applied good brand and high quality of sunscreen before leaving house. But, apply sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before stepping out of house. It will protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, which highly responsible for causing fine lines, blemishes, wrinkles and so on.

  • Choose oil free cosmetic products:-

While using cosmetic, always give first priority only for oil free cosmetics products. Since other products contribute to blocking of pores, which further result in acne. There are thousands of beauty products are available in the market to meet you skin care needs. As a result contact your dermatologist and use products after taking consultation from him/her, particularly during teenage years.

  • Moisturize your skin:-

Everyday moisturizing the skin is essential for getting healthy skin. A moisturizer enhances the water content substantially and keeps skin hydrated. Before using moisturizer check the level of moisturizer you need for your skin and according apply the same.

  • Remove makeup before going to bed:-

It is necessary to remove entire makeup before going to bed. Leaving it lead to increase risk of various skin problems like dark spots, acne, rashes and many more.

  • Drink plenty of water:-

Drinking lots of water every day is necessary in order to keep skin, glowing, shiny, smooth and supple. Drinking plenty of water indicates that you are keeping your body and skin hydrated. It helps to eliminates all toxins from your body and keeps you away from risk of blemishes, acne and other skin issues.

  • Incorporate a healthy diet:-

Adopting a healthy balanced diet for teenage girls is vital to get acne and blemishes free skin. Teenagers are more susceptible to eat more of unhealthy foods like chips, rolls, soda, fizzy drinks, pizza, French fries and burgers. During teenage years they are unaware about harmful effects of this fast food. Due to excessive consumption of these foods they are more prone to many skin problems. Hence, it is duty of parent to shift them towards healthy foods by guiding them about importance of healthy foods. As a result, includes foods like broccoli, strawberries, carrots, orange and apricots in daily regimen of teenage diet to combat acne. These food contain valuable vitamins and mineral, which proven extremely beneficial for skin.

  • Exercise:-

Daily exercise is one of important factor that aids in maintaining healthy skin. Though it is not directly linked with skin care tips, but still it is essential in order to acquire healthy skin. While exercising your body generates huge amount of sweat and expels plenty of toxins from your body in form of sweat. If these innumerable toxins remain your body, starts showing their effects on your skin. So, daily at least half an hour of exercise during teenage period is necessary to ensure healthy skin and therefore to lead a healthy life.

  • Other skin care tips:-
  • If you notice attack of acne on your skin avoids picking them frequently to overcome acne. Generally teens have the habit of breaking them. But braking acne makes worse the problem instead of resolving and contributes to scarring. Even also avoid touching them with fingers as they hold bacteria, which may harm your skin badly.
  • Teenage girls should take enough peaceful sleep and should stay away from spending long hours in front of TV or computer. Since spending too much time in those activities affects their vision. If you take enough rest, your skin will relax more and consequently the problem of occurring premature ageing, dark circles at early age will also reduce considerably.
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