It is a common fact that all men desire to have long and complete satisfying sex life. But unluckily most of men stay away from this extreme pleasure at some point in their life. Some men go through this fatal problem due to onset of erectile dysfunction. It usually occurs from all the close psychological pressures, unhealthy lifestyle, chronic health disorders and extreme stress. Anyways, when a man suffered through problems related with penile erection, try his best to defeat this condition at earliest to bring his sex related lifestyle back. To get over this distressing issue, globally approved Silagra is one of the effective medications.

Silagra is suggested to take only by impotent men who fail to get or keep a rigid erect penis suitable for love making sessions. Silagra is from a set of drug named phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. It functions by loosening the blood vessels found in your penis when you are sexually stimulated. This leaves blood to flow into your penis, permitting you to acquire erection naturally. Always remember Silagra does not offer expected results when you are not sexually eager. Silagra does not promote your libido. For observing superior outcomes with help of Silagra, sexual excitement is obligatory. Silagra is not designed for use of women, children and breastfeeding mothers; hence they must keep distance from it. Only men with ED should take this FDA approved medicine with proper consent of a health care professional.

You must avert taking Silagra, if you are consuming any nitrate based medication. It may contribute to serious fall in your blood pressure, which may be hard to deal. Since the chances are high that sexual activity may put a pressure on your heart. Let your physician to take decision whether you are healthy sufficient to consume Silagra. Sildenafil Citrate is a wonderful chemical element utilized in Silagra that heals the issue of erection failure easily. Silagra functions remarkably if it consumes about an hour before engaging into lovemaking sessions. This is especially mentioned because the medication needs the time of 20-30 minutes to meld with the bloodstream. The efficacy of this medicine continues to stay lively in your body for approximately 4-5 hours. You just simply need to swallow the whole pill and should stay away from intake of grape juice and alcohol. Obviate making alterations in the dosage without prior doctor’s suggestion as it may prove dangerous. Avert taking this medication in mixture with any other nitrate based medication as they may respond collectively to destruct your health.

There are rare medications which does not stimulate side effects. Silagra exhibits some minor as well as serious side effects. No need to concern about minor side effects as they goes away on own and are not extremely dangerous. Once the men becomes used to this medication, then chances of occurrence of its ill effects will consequently get reduced. Person who consume Silagra, frequently confront less severe side effects such as facial flushing, stomach upset, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, vomiting, tremors, nausea and so on. If these harmless side effects stay for longer period, then in that case instant medical aid is fundamental.

In rare condition men become vulnerable to serious side effects as well. The serious side effects linked with silagra consists of difficulty while breathing, rapid heartbeat, rashes, irregular blood pressure, chest pain, heart attack, stroke, prolonged penile erection etc. These side effects are very dangerous and they needs prompt medical help or else they can prove life threatening. Keep in mind that if you confront any side effects enduring in your body for more than 5 hours then it is issue of a concern and you require seeking for an instant medical help.

It is crucial to follow all precautionary measures with full attention to keep all risk at bay. If you follow all steps with full sincerity, then only safe ED treatment is possible. To void health complication, it would always better to take Silagra with expert’s advice. Taking Silagra in an accurate quantity suggested by your doctor is prime necessity. Since overdose is responsible for damaging your health. In order to beat ED successfully, it is vital to tell your doctors everything about your past and present medical history. This will aid a physician substantially to treat you. It is vital to stay away from Silagra if already going through any other health issues associated to liver, heart, kidney and ulcer problems. Inquire for any other optional treatment if you are allergic to its key constituent or else you will have to experience its allergic reactions. Remember, Silagra can prove dangerous, if taken in concoction with any other nitrate based drug. Silagra does not offer you guarantee of protecting against sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS and HIV. Hence, extra caution on own is critically needed to stay away from them. Once the expiry date is over do not forget to throw away the expired package of Silagra. Making use of outdated pills of Silagra may prove life threatening. If Silagra fails to offer you an erection or if erection fails to stay long sufficient to complete foreplay, then in that case take help from you health care provider or ask him alternative medication.

Storage is the most important thing which you should not ignored while beginning with its treatment. To protect medication from spoiling, store it in an appropriate room temperature between 20-25 degree Celsius. Strictly keep this medication away from acute climatic condition to maintain the efficacy of this medication. For long term use it is obligatory to store in an airtight container and away from reach of kids.

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