Most of men across the world are finding difficulty in achieving successful conception. But, a healthy diet plays a significant role in obtaining healthy reproduction. Experts say that about 26% of infertility problems are only because of problems with male. Incorporating mineral rich diet is good solution to overcome this problem. Men who are experiencing problems of low sperm count, small ejaculation and problem while conceiving may cope with these by including natural supplement, since natural supplements are proven extremely beneficial in sperm production. In fact, research has proved man who took supplement had observed great improvement and also overcome infertility issues magnificently. Hormonal imbalance, addiction of smoking, drinking too much alcohol, obesity, chemical exposure, radiation exposure, heavy metals, DNA defects, steroids, immunologic infertility, and problem with ejaculation, infection and varicoceles are some of the leading risk factors associated behind occurrence of low sperm count. Below listed are some of natural supplements that help men to improve their sperm quality.


  • Selenium:-

Inadequate amount of selenium results in fragile sperm and immotile deformed tails. Research indicates that sufficient Selenium consumption ensures healthy sperm formation. Highly suggested dose of selenium is 75 micrograms per day.  Selenium plays a key role in protecting your DNA in your sperm. Another important benefit of selenium is it lowers possibilities of occurring chromosomal breakage and miscarriage, after the conception occurs successfully. Food like Brazil nuts, beef, chicken, oatmeal, brown rice, tuna and eggs contains this essential mineral in large quality. In short, it is an ideal solution if one desires to get rid of infertility, alcohol poisoning, and eye disorders.

  • Zinc:-

According to research, zinc has occupied an important place in male’s sexual function. It is most vital mineral for sperm count, motility and production. People with zinc deficiency confront problem of poor sperm quality and therefore infertility. Excessive alcohol consumption is biggest culprit behind lack of zinc mineral. Since, it makes difficult for your body to soak up zinc properly. As a result, it is essential to increase intake of zinc by including foods like seafood, red meat, oysters, beans and dairy products in your daily regimen. Highly recommended dose of zinc per day is 10-30 milligrams. One more thing, if you are not getting sufficient zinc from your diet, then ask your physician about supplement.

  • Coenzyme Q10:-

Generally your body naturally develops coenzyme Q10. The main fact is that, with increase in age of men the capability of producing coenzyme Q10 gets reduces. Research has disclosed that coenzyme Q10 is known to have rich sources of antioxidant properties, which aids in absorption of vitamin E and therefore improves sexual health substantially.

  • Omega fatty acids:-

Intake of foods rich in essential fatty acids aids in improving blood flow to the genitals significantly. Besides that, it is known to lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. This is because, consuming food rich in fatty acids helps to keep away from poor sperm quality and also keeps erectile dysfunction at bay.

  • Vitamin E:-

This effective vitamin provides innumerable health benefits. It promotes blood flow in the body and assist in holistic health. Increased blood flow aids in obtaining strong and hard erection. It short, the chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction in men gets reduced consequently. Another important advantage of this vitamin, it reduces LDL that is bad cholesterol and thereby improves overall health. Peanuts, vegetable oils, vegetables and fruits are great examples of vitamin E.

  • Vitamin B 12:-

Lack of vitamin B 12 in body is thought to be major risk factor of male infertility. This vitamin is essential in order to improve sperm count and semen quality effectively. Ask your doctor about daily sufficient quality of this vital mineral and start taking it immediately. You can reduce risk of deficiency of vitamin B-12 by increasing consumption of foods like fish, grains, green leafy vegetables, eggs, dairy products, beans and seafood. These foods contain an excellent source of vitamin B 12.

  • Vitamin C:-

This is another important nutrient and powerhouse of antioxidant that helps in improving fertility. According to several studies men needs to consume at least 90 mg of this vitamin to overcome issue of infertility. Various researches have disclosed that this vitamin plays a crucial role in raising sperm production. Vitamin C protects body by combating several dangerous pollution like agricultural chemical and toxins. In addition, it also lowers chances of DNA damage to sperm by around 91 percent.

  • Manganese:-

This mineral is considered to extremely valuable in case of raising sperm count. It is one best option to prevent male sterility and to boost healthy sex drive. Health experts say that consumption of 1.4 mg of this mineral is sufficient per day. Whole grains, carrots, broccoli, leafy green vegetables, eggs, nuts, pineapple and eggs hold this essential mineral in abundance.

  • L-arginine:-

Studies have proved that arginine promotes sperm count and motility. Studies indicate that around 31 percent of men experience sexual dysfunction. L-arginine is one such prevalent amino acid that boosts testosterone production. It is believed to be safest if one desires to restore sexual vitality. This becomes possible through synthesis of nitric oxide, which promote blood circulation to penis and therefore keeps erection rigid. As inadequate blood flow may often contributes to soft erection. Foods like fish, red meat, grains, nuts, seeds, fish, poultry, wheat germ and dairy products holds Arginine component in large quantity. There are other benefits are also associated with Arginine that it improves digestive ability, circulatory and reproductive system.

  • L-Lysine:-

Many studies have shown that this amino acid along with zinc helps effectively in formation of sperm also induces testosterone production and effective in improving semen quality as well.

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