The Uterus is an organ of the female reproductive system, which is situated in the pelvis. The Uterus is nothing, but a womb of the female where a baby develops. This organ helps the fetal, to take a growth until its birth. The lower is the vagina, the middle is the cervix and upper is the uterus. It is located at the back of the bladder. Further, the inside coating of the uterus is known as endometruim. This initiates the menstrual cycle development in females. Further, the broad coverage of the uterus, which is prepared by essential muscle tissue, is known as myometrium. The Fundus is a top layer of uterus formed like a dome; corpus is the center of uterus, and cervix is the lower part of the uterus.  Cancer occurs, when the abnormal cell starts generating, by defeating normal cells. This cell further develops into malignant (cancerous) cell, which becomes very difficult, to treat.

 Occurrences of uterine cancer  

However, the cancer takes place, when an abnormal cell takes a growth by defeating normal cells. The new cells develop when the normal cell becomes inactive, spoiled or sometimes die. When the process sometime becomes wrong; it enhances the development of extra cells, results tumor formation. The Tumor can be categorized in two parts 1) benign tumor and 2) malignant tumor.

Benign tumor: it is not a severe cancerous case; it can be treated and can be cured easily. It is found to be less risky; since it doesn’t spread, to other organs of the body. Once treated it doesn’t take a growth again.

Malignant tumor: it is a very crucial and life taking cancer; once treated can take a growth again. Since it is spreadable cancer it can’t be cured. It may spread and developed in any part of the body.

  • Obesity 

Some of the studies had examined that woman who faces an obesity problem may get the problem of uterine cancer.

  • Menstrual disorders

Some cases of uterine cancer occur, due to improper menstrual cycle. Female, who faces disorder of menstrual cycle, before the age of 12, or over the age of 52, may get the chances of uterine cancer. An improper flow of menstrual period may be dangerous for female, to get a child in their life. This process obstructs the reproductive system of the female, and creates difficulty in pregnancy. Hence, the chances of uterine cancer are more in this process.

  • Family history

Family history is one of the major problems, to cause uterine cancers. This cancer is found inheritance and the chain of the process go longer, families after families. In such case the formation, of the cancer cannot be stopped, or cured.

  • An abnormal cell development

An abnormal growth of the cells, inside the layer of the uterus, enhances the risk of the uterus cancer. A disorder of menstrual cycle, high bleeding during, and after the menstrual cycle, may result uterine cancer.

  • Over drugs intake

A woman who consumes high drugs during the treatments, of severe diseases like breast cancer, tuberculosis, H.I.V, etc. are more likely, to get uterine cancers.

  • Radiation therapy

Women, who had gone through pelvic radiation therapy, may get the chances, of uterine cancer formation.

  • Estrogen therapy

Women, who had gone through estrogen menopausal hormone therapy alone, may get the chances of uterine cancer, at a higher level.

Symptoms of uterine cancer

However, the symptoms of uterine cancer can be noticed easily, but one should not ignore it. Improper bleeding, during and after the menstrual cycle, and sometimes bleeding occurs in a month two times. Feeling pain and finding difficulty, while emptying the bladder; Finding pain during intercourse, in the pelvic area. However, such disorder of uterine should not be ignored. Please consult to the doctor, for a better opinion.

Diagnosis of uterine cancer

Further, there are various ways, to diagnose the uterus obstruction. This diagnostic process will indicate the exact barriers of uterine. However, the process of the cancer develops, stage by stage.

Stage 0: when the development of cancerous cell takes place, inside the coating of the uterus, which is called carcinoma in situ, by doctors.

Stage 1: when the development of the abnormal cell expands from the uterus lining, to the endometruim. It further, may occupy myometrium.

Stage 2: when the development of cancerous cells expands, and occupies the cervix area.

Stage 3: when the development of abnormal cells expands and occupies the vagina and lymph node parts.

Stage 4: when the development of tumor expands and affects almost all other organs of the body called, intestine, lungs, liver, bones, etc.

  • Pelvic check up

Women can go under the checkup of pelvic. Doctor will check the shape and size of the uterus, and vagina, to examine the status, of the uterine. This process will help, to know about uterine disorders.

  • Process of Ultrasound

It is a device of sound waves, which generates inside the organs of the pelvis, to examine the status of the uterus by taking a picture of the uterus and tissues. This process help to know the status of the uterus, and for better result; it can also be placed inside the vagina.

  • Process of biopsy

The Biopsy process helps to know the status, and to eradicate the cancerous cells. To check the uterus, a small thin tube is placed inside the vagina, which passes through the vagina, to the uterus. Further, the doctor calmly rubs the tube over the area of the uterus, to get some samples of tissues to examine. It is stated that Biopsy is the best way, to examine the cancerous result; since it indicates the exact status, of the cancer.

Prevention of uterine cancer

Women need to maintain a healthy diet, instead of an unhealthy diet, to reduce obesity level. Avoid excessive intake of medicines, to get prevented from uterine cancer. If, you are facing any, menstrual disorder then kindly consult the doctors before, it gets serious.

Treatments of uterine cancer

There are various treatments of uterine cancer such as radiation therapy, hormone therapy; chemotherapy, etc. are some of the list, to treat the barriers of the uterine cancer.

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