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Brimonidine Tartrate is a popular medication for patients suffering from open angle glaucoma. The problem of glaucoma is vastly spread among people all over the world. Mostly its sufferers are old people. Eyes fill with a type of fluid, which put pressure on eyes. Due to intraocular pressure optic nerves can also damage leading to vision loss. It is important to get eyes rid of this fluid.

Brimonidine Tartrate swiftly releases fluid from the eyes and decreases pressure on them. Brimonidine Tartrate is a safe drug with high effectiveness.

These eye drops contain Alphagan-P that treats Glaucoma and other eye problems. This component helps in releasing adequate tear flow from the eyes thereby reducing eye pressue. Online, Brimonidine Eye Drops can be purchased from

People can used this medication on doctor's prescription. Side effects of Alphagan-P Eye drops are rare to observe however it is best to consume these eye drops with precautions. This medication is trust worthy eye care solution. Online, Brimonidine tartrate eye drops are cheapest and safest to treat eye problems.

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For desired results it is compulsory to take the drug on recommendation. Hands should be clean while using the drug. Bottle should be shaken prior using so that components can mix. Put exact number of drops told by doctor. After putting drops keep eyes closed for 2 minutes. Don't touch dropper with anything. Take the drug at the same time daily. Brimonidine Tartrate is suggested to be taken three times a day. Use it in 8 hours gap. On forgetting, take the drug as soon as you remembers. If it is time for the next dose, skip the missed dose. Do not often forget taking the drug.


Serious side effects are seldom noticed on consuming Brimonidine Tartrate. This is a safe medication. It is not yet clear that danger signs occur because of the drug. Serious side effects of the drug are- irregular heartbeat, extreme pain in eyes, severe dizziness, shortness of breath and swelling on tongue, face, lips and throat. Allergic reactions like itching, hives and rashes are also dangerous. People should immediately stop taking the drug and see doctor. Some common side effects are also faced by people on taking Brimonidine Tartrate. These are blurred vision, discomfort in eyes, fatigue, dry mouth, dizziness, etc. These symptoms are harmless and do not last long. On becoming habitual to the drug, these side effects never get noticed again. Treatment is taken for them if they stay for long time.


Make sure the bottle of Brimonidine Tartrate is kept straight. Store the drug in a tightly closed box. The drug should be stored in a normal room temperature. Temperature should vary between- 15 to 30 degree Celsius only. Never freeze Brimonidine Tartrate. Storing the drug in heated, bright and wet environments is risky. These three spoil the drug immediately. Keep the drug away from them. Avoid storing the drug in kitchen and bathroom too. Brimonidine Tartrate strictly requires cleanliness around it. Store the drug far away from children. Dispose the drug if gets expired.


Brimonidine Tartrate is asked to be avoided if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Taking the drug without doctor consultation can be risky for health. Always have a prescription with you prior taking the drug. Before taking Brimonidine Tartrate discuss your entire medical history with doctor. People having blood pressure related issues, kidney problem, liver problem, heart issues, etc should consult a doctor prior consuming Brimonidine Tartrate. Do not operate any machinery if under the drug influence. It may lead to an accident. Do not take alcohol if on the treatment of Brimonidine Tartrate. Doctor should be consulted if pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers are planning to take the drug.