Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to Place the Order?

A. Choose the desired product =>Click on "Add to Cart". Then get yourself registered with us and make the required payment. In this way, you will be able to place an easy, trouble-free order with

Q. What happens after the order is successfully placed?

A. After the successful placement of order you will receive an email which contains a detailed invoice of your order. The order is then send to the Shipment Department for dispatch. Once the order is shipped customers will receive the second notification through Email that contains the Order Tracking Number.

Q. How can I trace the order?

A. You can easily trace the order once it is successfully dispatched. To track the order you can contact our Customer Support Staff. They will help you in tracing your order.

Q. How can I CANCEL the order?

A. For order cancellations get in touch with our Customer Support Team within 24 hours of placing the order. An order cancellation request will not be accepted after 24 hours of placing the order.

Q. Can I trust Your Products? Are they reliable?

A. Absolutely, all the products sold at are reliable, genuine, and safe to use. deals with Generic drugs, but they are exact replica of their brand, when it comes to their quality, purity, and effectivity.

Q. How are Generic drugs defined?

A. Generic drugs are not branded drugs; but they contain the same chemical ingredients that are present in their branded versions in the same concentration. Generic drugs are equal to branded drugs in all the possible ways such as dosing, safety, and the quality. Both only differ in appearance and price. Generic medications are much cheaper and affordable than the branded drugs.

Q. Why Generic drugs are so cheap?

A. Since, it is the Generic version; its manufacturers do have to spend a lot on research and development. The branded manufacturers have already done that for them. Apart from this, advertising and marketing for generic drugs is also done by their branded drugs. Thus, the money saved in all these areas helps the Generic manufacturers to make the drug available in cheap and affordable prices.

Q. What mode of Payments do you accept?

A. We accept- VISA Credit & Debit Cards, E-Checks, Wire Transfers.

Q. Are there any hidden charges?

A. No. All our prices and charges are transparent and available on the webpage.

Q. Do you only charge in US Dollars?

A. Yes. We charge in one currency i.e. US Dollar, due to the fact that we sell our product all over the world and have web customers from different countries. Hence, we have chosen the most common currency which is the US Dollar.

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