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Lovegra is a medicament treatment for women, suffering from tough times in sexual life. The medication has restored sexual lives of millions of women over the world. When reproductive organ of women becomes insensitive, it becomes a hurdle in women sexual life. Women's interest from sex also starts fading. For treating this condition, the intake of Lovegra is suggested. This oral drug is made up of Sildenafil citrate. The ingredient treats insensitiveness of the sexual organ in women and frees them of sexual blues. The drug improves blood supply to the vaginal area, which deletes insensitivity. Lovegra is an effective drug and its effect last for almost five hours. Lovegra is also called pink drug due to pink color of the pill.

Lovegra is a heavinly pill for women. It treats women sexual dysfunction which is basically termed as "frigidity". Frigidity can of many types such as: reduction in sex drive, dislike of sexual intercourse, difficulty in arousal, inability to have perfect orgasm or pain in the sexual track during intercouse. For such problems, Lovegra is a perfect solution. Online, Lovegra can be purchased easily from Lovegra also increases the lubrication in the female sexual system. Women can use lovegra half an hour prior to the sexual intercourse.

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Start taking Lovegra after consulting a physician only. It is a prescribed drug. Consuming it without advice is not suggested. The most recommended dose of Lovegra is 100mg. Generally treatments are started with it only and then gradually the dose is increased or decreased. The drug is flexible with respect to the intake. Take it anytime the sexual urge overcomes you. Do not take this drug daily. Take it only when want to intimate sexually. Lovegra should not be taken more than one time in a day. Only one pill is advised to be taken in 24 hours. The drug is required to be consumed one hour before the intercourse. Only use water for swallowing the pill. The pill should not be broken or crushed. Physician should be seen if the drug is taken in excess.


Lovegra is a safe drug. Some common side effects are caused by the drug, but every woman taking the drug knows it is obvious. Experiencing symptoms like headache, blurred vision, color blindness, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach upset, reddening on face, running nose etc. are common for all. They occur till the body becomes habitual to the drug. Good part of these symptoms is that they stay for a while and vanish without requiring treatment. Yes, treatment is important to be taken if these signs do not disappear in some time. Lovegra is dangerous for health if shows signs like breathlessness, heart, chest pain, high blood pressure, seizure, hives, rashes, swelling on various body parts and so on. Take treatment at once.


Lovegra should be stored at room temperature only. Temperature should be below 30 degree. Trying other temperatures with the drug can be harmful for its life. Freezing is not appropriate for Lovegra. Keep the drug in cool and dark place. It is important to keep the drug surrounding clean always. Heat, light and moisture are harmful for the drug. Store the drug away from them. It is suggested not to store the drug in kitchen and bathroom because these places are generally warm, hence inappropriate for storing Lovegra. An air tight container is good for storing the drug. For the protection of the drug nothing can be a better choice than it. The drug should be stored in a secret place where children could not reach. Lovegra pills should be dumped on expiration. Do not merely throw away the medication.


Lovegra treats sexual problem of women only on taking on prescription. Do not consume the drug without the permission of doctor. The drug consumption is asked to be avoided if taking nitrates. The duo together affects health badly and may lead to serious consequences like coma. Alcohol should also be limited completely. It also interacts with Lovegra and contributes to side effects. Activities like operating machinery should be kept in halt for some time as the drug causes dizziness. Women who are allergic to Sildenafil citrate are expected to avoid the drug consumption. It may lead to serious effects. Grapefruit and its juice should not be taken along with Lovegra. This drug can be taken only one time in one day. Overdose causes ill consequences, so avoid it. If pregnant or breastfeeding, then Lovegra is not for you.