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Penegra is a safe and better choice for overcoming erectile dysfunction. Men get hard-on after taking the drug that last for long time and subdues after completely satisfying men. The drug aids penis in functioning properly by making blood supply smoother. Due to the lack of blood supply to the penis only men have to face ED. Penegra is an effective formula to overcome impotence without facing any problem. Effect of the drug lasts for almost 6 hours, which is good enough for satisfying sexual intercourse. Desired results are guaranteed with Penegra. Sildenafil citrate is the main ingredient of the drug.

Penegra is the most consumed erectile dysfunction tablet. To obtain desired results from Penegra, a male organ should be sexually stimulated enough. One should consume this generic Viagra 40 minutes prior to the act in order to maximize the results. Penegra shows long lasting results. Men can last longer during the intercourse and can maximize their satisfaction after using Penegra pills. The best place to buy Penegra online is At this pharmacy store, Zenegra is available at a low price. To obtain best results, one must read on generic Viagra and its working.

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Do not get along with Penegra without consulting a physician. Take only a prescribed dose for fast and better results. The most recommended dose of Penegra is 50mg. Do not make changes in the dose without doctor approval. Take the drug with water for faster dissolving in the blood. Pill is required to be swallowed as a whole. Don't chew or crush it before consuming. This anti ED medication should not be taken more than one time in a day. Taking more than one pill becomes overdose and may cause side effects. Penegra is versatile and can be consumed whenever want to have sexual intercourse. But, do not take the drug in the absence of sexual desire in the body. Heavy meals should be avoided with the drug.


Penegra shows some side effects in the beginning of the treatment to portray that the body has started accepting it. These side effects stay for short time and do not cause any harm to health. As the body becomes habitual to Penegra, these common side effects never appear again. Some of the common side effects of the drug are- headache, running nose, upset stomach, vomit, blur vision, color blindness, back pain, etc. Men are supposed to take treatment for them only in the case if they last for long period. Penegra shows some dangerous side effects also. However, it is not sure they occur due to the drug intake only. Serious symptoms of Penegra for whom it is important to take immediate treatment are heart failure, chest pain, breathlessness, hypertension, hives, seizures etc. If penis erection last for more than four hours, it is a sign of worry.


Store Penegra in room temperature only. Temperature range should be within 15 to 30 degree Celsius. Utmost temperatures like too hot and too cold are unsafe for the drug. The drug should not be refrigerated also. Heat, light and moisture destroy the drug. Keep it away from their influence. Kitchen and bathroom are considered unsuitable for the drug storage due to their warm and humid temperatures. Do not store the drug there. Safest place for storing Penegra is an air tight box. Always keep it inside the box. Cool, dry and dark place is appropriate for the drug storage. Keep the drug surrounding clean. Keep the drug away from children and women. The expired Penegra pills should be dumped.


The consumption of Penegra is not allowed to men having allergy with its main component i.e. Sildenafil citrate. Alcohol intake with the drug delays results. So, avoid alcohol if taking this drug. Fatty or oily foods should be avoided. They slacken drug results. Men should not eat grapefruit. Avoid drinking its juice also. Heart patients, high blood pressure patients, and men with kidney and liver problems should take Penegra on medical guidance only. Men have to suffer from severe health complications if take nitrates with this anti impotence medication. Hence, avoid nitrates intake. Do not give Penegra to women and children. It is dangerous for their health. Daily intake of the drug leads to addiction. Men should take the drug in a gap's time.