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Generic Zyban is effective impotence medication for people who are looking to quit smoking forever. This quit smoking drug is a generic to the famous Zyban. Generic Zyban is available at in 150 mg strength. With generic Zyban smoking cessation is easy. This medication workd best for people who have the desire to leave smoking. Smoking induces nicotine into a human body. Generic Zyban can serve as a best alternative to nicotine needs. It reduces the desire to smoke. Generic Zyban slowly reduces the smoking needs thereby eventually helping people to quick smoking forever.

Smoking is deleterious addiction. And the ironical part is that smokers are well versed about this truth. Despite knowing about smoking dangers, many smokers are unable to quit it. They are much into this addiction. When intelligence cannot help, then it's time to turn to medications for help. Generic Zyban is a prescribed drug treatment for quitting smoking. The drug has helped many smokers over the world. Generic Zyban is made up of Bupropion. It is an effective element of the drug. The drug delivers results within few months time. Smokers should take the drug regularly, as dictated, without fail. Never take the drug without doctor consent, as it can lead to severe consequences.

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Generic Zyban needs recommendation from a reputed healthcare professional for starting the treatment. People taking it without approval face severe ill effects. 150mg is the starting prescribed dose of Generic Zyban. After one month or two, changes can be made if doctor feels so. Physician examines health deeply prior prescribing the drug. People should also explain their entire medical history to doctor. A proper health examination is must. The prescribed dose is suggested to be taken one or two times in a day. Be stick to the schedule dictated by your doctor. The drug intake timings should be the same daily. Better and fast results are expected by doing so. Generic Zyban is required to be taken with water. Do not break, chew or crush it while taking. Water dissolve pill faster in the blood. Generic Zyban can be taken with or without meal both. Avoid unhealthy and fat laden food with this anti smoking drug. Take the drug sincerely without giving breaks.


Generic Zyban shows some less serious side effects. They do not harm health. Less serious side effects are temporary. Once body becomes habitual to the medication, these side effects also vanish forever. People should not care much about them as they do not need treatment also. Medical guidance should be taken only if less serious side effects stay for much time. The symptoms are- Disturbance in the normal sleep pattern, runny nose, dry mouth, giddiness, vomiting, constipation, joint pain, muscle pain, neck pain, upset stomach, nervousness, loss of appetite, taste change, pain in abdomen, cough, sore throat, irregular heartbeat, dry skin, flushes, high blood pressure, rashes and weight loss. Generic Zyban also turns serious sometimes. In that case it causes dangerous side effects like suicidal thoughts, seizures, agitation, aggression, restlessness, delusions, irregular heartbeat, palpitations, chest pain, sleeplessness, breathlessness, hives, swelling on lips and throat. Immediately run for the treatment on experiencing serious side effects.


Room temperature is suitable for Generic Zyban. Do not let the temperature go beyond 30 degree. The temperature should be maintained within 15 to 30 degree Celsius. Extreme temperatures spoil the drug. An air tight box is appropriate for keeping Generic Zyban. It paves no passage for air to come in or go out. Cleanliness should be maintained around the drug. Dirt reacts fast with the drug and makes it ineffective. Keep Generic Zyban in cool and dark place. The drug should be protected from heat, light and moisture. Kitchen and bathroom are not right places for storing Generic Zyban. Keep the drug away from children's reach. Expired drug should be dumped.


Generic Zyban is important to be consumed on consultation only. A proper treatment only provides best results. The drug is harmful to take if taken despite being allergic to its ingredients. So, first make clear are you allergic to drug's components or not? If taking any supplements, it is suggested to tell about them to the physician before starting Generic Zyban treatment. During the treatment mention your doctor about what all supplements you are taking. Alcohol has to be stopped completely when on the treatment of Generic Zyban. During pregnancy the intake of Generic Zyban is not permitted. The drug may prove harmful for the fetus. Breastfeeding mothers should first consult with doctor whether the drug intake is safe or not. After taking the drug if feel symptoms like fear, anxiety, fidgetiness, delusions, thoughts of suicide etc., then take immediate medical aid.