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KAMAGRA SOFT TABS are sure solution for men to kick erectile dysfunction out of their life. The drug guarantees result irrespective of the cause of ED and age of men. KAMAGRA SOFT TABS is for all. The drug is sublingual and dissolves within seconds as kept on the tongue. It is a big relief to men, as they do not have to swallow lozenges, as happen in case of other anti ED drugs. KAMAGRA SOFT TABS is a faster solution and gives results within 20 minutes. This virility enhancer drug is made of a special component Sildenafil citrate. KAMAGRA SOFT TABS is available in various flavors, which attracts men more towards it.

Kamagra Soft tabs are soft form of regular Kamagra tablets. They contain same Sildenafil Citrate however this drug has an advantage as men can easily chew these tablets. After chewing, Kamagra soft tablets quickly dissolves into blood stream thereby quickening the work procedure. Kamagra soft Tabs provide strength to the penile region of a male reproductive system. This helps men to attain desired erection for a healthy sexual intercourse. Online, Kamagra soft Tabs can be purchsed from Angelmeds.com at discount price. Working of this drug is similar to popular generic Viagra brands. It provides added easy to chew functionality.

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KAMAGRA SOFT TABS is a prescribed ED medication and should not be consumed without doctor's approval. It is an orally administered drug. Place it under the tongue and it dissolves within seconds in the mouth. Do not take the drug with water. Do not chew, break or crush the drug while it is in the mouth. Let it liquefy on own. KAMAGRA SOFT TABS mixes with the blood within seconds and delivers results in 15 to 20 minutes. Take the drug 20 minutes before the love making act. During the consumption make sure body is sexually charged. The recommended dose in the starting is 50mg. If find the dose ineffective, speak with your doctor and continue treatment with the new prescribed dose. KAMAGRA SOFT TABS can be taken only once in a day. Do not take the drug in excess, as overdose causes side effects. Fatty and oily foods retard drug action. Take light food or keep stomach empty while taking the medication.


Some non severe side effects are noticed by men on taking KAMAGRA SOFT TABS. These side effects stay for a while and disappear on own in some time without needing treatment. It's discovered once body gets used to KAMAGRA SOFT TABS, these common symptoms do not appear ever again. 'Not-So-Severe' side effects of KAMAGRA SOFT TABS are head pain, stomach upset or indigestion, pain in the body, nausea, back pain, muscle pain, dizziness, facial flushing etc. However, if these symptoms persist for long time, please see your healthcare provider. According to the records, very seldom men have reported of serious side effects of KAMAGRA SOFT TABS. Adverse side effects of the drug include- respiration problem, fast heartbeat, pain in the chest, high blood pressure, allergic reactions, strokes, heart attack etc. Longer penis erections are also dangerous. Physician should be consulted at once if experience any of these symptoms.


KAMAGRA SOFT TABS requires room temperature. Hot and cold temperatures are inappropriate for the drug. Heat, light and moisture are unsafe for the drug. It spoils in their presence. The drug should not be refrigerated. KAMAGRA SOFT TABS should not be stored in kitchen and bathroom. Drug's potency decreases because temperature of these places is unsuitable for the drug. Store the drug in an air tight box. The storage place of the drug should be cool, clean and dark. Store the drug away from children and women's reach. Expired drug should not be stored at home. Dump it.


KAMAGRA SOFT TABS is to be avoided by men having allergy with Sildenafil citrate. If you are allergic to Sildenafil and take the drug, allergic reactions, like skin rashes, itching etc, may take place. If want desired results from the drug, take KAMAGRA SOFT TABS as suggested by your doctor. Do not increase the dose without approval. Men suffering from health disorders like liver problem, sickle cell anemia, kidney problem, heart issues etc. should take KAMAGRA SOFT TABS on consultation only. After consuming KAMAGRA SOFT TABS men should not get engaged in machine operations like driving. It's known the drug causes drowsiness, hence your concentration may shingle. It increases the chances of accident. Alcohol should not be taken in combination with KAMAGRA SOFT TABS. Alcohol is reactive and causes side effects. It can also affect drug's working and may delay results. Men affected by Peyronie's disease should not take KAMAGRA SOFT TABS. Consumption of nitrates with the drug can be a big risk for health. Both immediately react and lead to fatal effects like cardiac arrest and even coma. Grapefruit and grapefruit juice is suggested to be avoided with the drug.