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caverta treats impotence in men. Many men use Caverta for treating erectile dysfunction in an absolute manner. The medication is powerful and effective. It eradicates ED within 50 minutes. Sildenafil citrate is present as the main chemical inside the drug. Men's sexual health is perfectly safe with Caverta. The drug is a prescribed solution for male impotence and is widespread used. Men get compete sexual satisfaction with the drug. Erections are not only hard but long lasting also. Caverta effect remains for around some 5 to 6 hours. Say bye to ED forever as Caverta is lifelong impotence treatment.

The effective strength of caverta is 25mg, 50mg and 100mg however at, online Caverta is available in 100mg strength. Using caverta is fairly a simple deal. Just buy Caverta online at and consume it with water. The action of caverta starts with in 40 minutes of its consumption. Caverta is safe impotence tablet and it is manufactured by Ranbaxy. Online, one can easily buy Caverta (Cheap Generic Viagra) at a trusted online pharmacy. Using Caverta is completely safe.

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Caverta streamlines sexual life properly only on taking on doctor's recommendation.100mg is the starting dose. It usually is sufficient for eradicating erectile dysfunction from men life.Never alter the dose on own. Sexual urge in the body is must before taking the drug. Caverta is not an aphrodisiac. Take the drug with water only. Other solvents take longer in dissolving the pill in the blood. The pill should be swallowed as a whole. Crushing, breaking or chewing lessens its effect. Take only one pill in 24 hours. Overdosage causes health hazards. Do not take the drug in excess. Avoid heavy meals before taking the drug.


Take Caverta on prescription and as dictated by a doctor, and the drug will never trouble you. However, showing some side effects after the intake of the drug is ordinary. These symptoms are categorized as common side effects. Head pain, muscle pain, joint pain, running nose, facial flushing, color blindness, blurred vision, dizziness, vomit, upset stomach etc. are common experiences after taking the drug. These symptoms stay for short time and are nontoxic. They go away on own without seeking treatment. However, treatment becomes mandatory if these signs do not disappear easily.The drug also showcase some rare side effects like long time penis erection, heart attack, fast heartbeat, chest pain, severe dizziness, and so on. These signs are life threatening and should be given immediate treatment.


Caverta should be stored at normal room temperature within 15 to 30 degree in range. Caverta pills are responsive to gases. This reaction spoils the drug. Store the pills in an air tight box for protecting them against the gases. Do not refrigerate the drug. Too cold and too hot temperatures are inappropriate for the drug. Similarly, warm, lighted and wet places also affect the drug. Guard the drug from them. Never store Caverta in kitchen and bathroom because temperature of these places is not suitable for the drug. Always store Caverta in cool, dark and clean place. The drug should be stored away from women and children. Outdated Caverta pills should be disposed in a proper manner.


Caverta should be interdicted altogether if you are allergic to its main ingredient i.e. Sildenafil citrate. Allergic reactions like- skin rashes, itching etc. Takes place on being allergic to the main element. Substances or drugs containing nitrates should be avoided if on the treatment of Caverta. Serious health issues arise if the advice is tuned out. Alcohol intake should be stopped to a complete degree with this medication. It affects blood pressure and creates unnecessary problems. Engaging in any machine work or in any other activity that requires mental and physical attention should be debarred after taking Caverta. Caverta should be taken on prescription only. Especially those who are suffering from health disorders (any) should take physician advice before taking the drug. This ED drug is only limited to treating erectile dysfunction. Never try it for treating or curing other sexual issues. Women and children should not use this drug. On taking the drug in excess amount, it is advised to visit doctor at once.