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Cyclosporine is a reputed and effective remedy for curing dry eyes problem. Doctors highly recommend this medication. Cyclosporine is a prescribed treatment for dry eyes. Dry eyes lead to swelling of eyes and can seriously damage eyes if not treated in a short time. The drug belongs to the family of immune modulators. It treats dry eyes by enhancing tear production. As tears roll out of eyes, swelling also decrease. People are required to put exact number of drops as suggested and you will get free of the problem sooner. It is easy to treat dry eye problems using Cyclosporine.

For people who need fast relief, Cyclosporine eye drops are the best eye drops for treat hyper-tension in eyes. This medication is recommended by doctors to people who suffer from eye swelling. Cyclosporine enhanced the process of tear production which reduces swelling of eyes. To buy cyclosporine online, many people visit provides cyclosporine drops at lowest price on internet which makes it as the cheapest place to buy these drops. This medication is a safe medication however it is recommended that these drops should only be used on a medical prescription.

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Cyclosporine is a prescribed drug and should strictly be taken on doctor's approval only. Doctor suggests taking the drug twice in a day. Maintain a gap of 12 hours between the two doses. For quicker results take the drug regularly and at the same timings. Put the suggested number of drops only. Do not make self changes in the dose. If the suggested does not prove effective, inform physician about it and continue treatment with the new prescribed dose. Do not let the drug touch skin. Use it on eyes only. Wash hands before using the drug. Do not touch dropper with anything. After putting drops keep eyes closed for some time.


Cyclosporine is a safe medication. People do not experience side effects with it. However, some common symptoms like itching in eyes, redness, little pain in eyes, burning of eyes, overflow of tears, discharge through eyes, blurred vision, vision changes etc do occur. Doctor tells about them during the treatment. These side effects are very common and do not harm eyes in any way. After few hours they just go away and never return back once body becomes habitual to the drug. These side effects do not need treatment for vanishing. On the other hand, if these common side effects do not disappear for a long time, then it is recommended to seek medical aid.


A normal 15 to 30 degree room temperature is suitable for storing cyclosporine. Never keep the drug in refrigerator. The drug loses effectivity. Store the drug in tightly closed box, which does not allow passage of air at all. The drug should be stored in cool and dark place. Protect the drug from dirt and dust. Cyclosporine is affected by heat, light and moisture around it. Store it away from their influence. Do not store the drug in kitchen and bathroom. Keep the drug far away from children's reach. Always keep cyclosporine bottle straight. If the drug has expired, dispose it taking help of your doctor.


If having allergy with any of drug's constituents, then do not take Cyclosporine. It can be harmful to eyes. During the examination of eyes, it is mandatory to inform doctor about all other prescription and non prescription medications you are taking. It will help doctor in prescribing the right dose. People taking other eye medications should tell about them to physician. If using synthetic tears, use cyclosporine after 15 minutes. Other than dry eyes, if suffering from any other eye problem also, tell your doctor and then take cyclosporine. Breastfeeding and pregnant women should use the drug on medical guidance only. If become pregnant during the treatment, stop the drug intake and first tell doctor about pregnancy. If using contact lenses, do not use the drug. First take out lenses and wait for 10 to 15 minutes, then use the drug.