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Zenegra is quick, safe and easiest way for impotence sufferers to get over the sexual problem. This oral drug is a prescribed treatment for erectile dysfunction. Viagra is the brand of Zenegra. Zenegra contains Sildenafil citrate as the active component. The drug comes in pill form. Sturdy erections are main requirement of satisfactory intercourse. Zenegra gives strong erections by making blood supply to the male reproductive organ smoother. It inhibits the causes of ED and frees men of erectile dysfunction. This ED medication is capable of sparking sexual life of all age men.

Zenegra plays a vital role for men who need to get rid of their impotence problem on quick notes. Zenegra is a perfect generic viagra from impotence men. This drug is popular for its low cost and increased erectile dysfunction treatment efficiency. Men use this drug on doctor's prescription. Most men buy zenegra online at Angelmeds.com at discount price. Zenegra works on penile region effectively there by strengthening the muscles to perform the activity for stipulated time frame. Researches show that the success rate of Zenegra is high as compared to other brands of Generic Viagra.

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Doctor approval is must prior starting the treatment of Zenegra. Generally 50mg dose is sufficient for getting over impotence. If requires changes, take doctor permission. Zenegra is not a cure of ED. It only treats it. So, do not take the drug daily. The drug can be taken whenever urge for sex arise in the body. Do not take the drug more than one time in 24 hours. Taking two or more pills in one day is harmful to sexual health. Zenegra pills are required to be taken with water only. Consume them as a whole. Do not crush or break them. Take the drug 30 minutes before the intercourse. Body should be heated with sexual desire before taking the drug. Zenegra is not an aphrodisiac. Stomach should be light while taking the drug.


Zenegra depicts some common side effects. They occur because body is not habitual to the drug. However, sometime in the future these side effects stop appearing. Men should not take any treatment for them. They themselves vanish in some time. Common side effects of Zenegra are headache, reddening of face, color blindness, blurred vision, dizziness, stomach upset, muscle pain, back pain, joint pain and so on. Treatment is only needed to be taken if these symptoms stay for long time in the body. Zenegra can show rare side effects also. Severe dizziness, heart attack, chest pain, seizure, hives, rashes, irregular heartbeat, painful penis erection etc are serious symptoms. Men should take at once medical aid for these side effects.


Keep Zenegra in a normal room temperature. Do not refrigerate it. Place of storing the drug should be clean and dirt free. Keep pills in gas tight box. The box guards the drug from interacting with anything and prevents it. A cool and dark place is appropriate for storing the drug. Heat, light and moisture are harmful for the drug. Kitchen and bathroom are not right places for storing the drug. Their warm temperatures destroy it. Zenegra should be stored away from children and women's reach. Passed away Zenegra pills should be disposed correctly.


During the treatment of impotence men should mention their entire medical history to physician. Right dose can only be prescribed by a doctor if he has all info about your health. Men who have allergy with Sildenafil citrate should stay away from it. Grapefruit and grapefruit juice are also not good to be taken if on Zenegra treatment. Boozers have to limit alcohol intake. It is better to stop drinking completely as the drug reacts with alcohol and causes health problems. Nitrates are dangerous if taken with the drug. Their combination can be life threatening also. So, avoid nitrates. Men should do not work after taking Zenegra. The drug causes dizziness; hence chances of accidents are many. Take immediate treatment if any side effect occurs after taking the drug. Zenegra is a pure ED drug. Never take it for treating other sexual problems.