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Generic Propecia is a generic to the brand medication "Propecia". Medications like Generic Propecia have made hair loss treatable to a great extent. Hair loss can be stopped or slowed down by the regular consumption of the drug. But, the dose should be prescribed by a reputed healthcare professional. Finasteride is the main component of which the drug is made. Many men have benefitted out of the drug. Studies reveal that almost 80% men using Generic Propecia have experienced positive results. The drug directly attacks DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the main cause of hair loss. This hair loss drug is only for men. Women or children should not try it for treating hair loss.

This medication is effective for treating hair fall problems in men. Many people look to treat their baldness and for such people generic Propecia is an optimum solution. Using generic Propecia on regular basis with breaking any dose for six month is benedicial. This drug is trusted by men arounf the world. Generic propecia shows results if consumed with precautions and under planned medical schedule. Finasteride is the main working element behind the success of this drug.

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Generic Propecia is a prescribed hair loss medication. Taking it without consultation can harm hair. So, take it on prescription only. 1mg is the starting dose. The dose can be increased later if within one or two months no progress is noticed. Men are not allowed to change the dose without doctor approval. The drug can be taken before or after having a meal both ways. lls should be consumed with water only. The solvent quickly dissolves pill in the stomach. Generic Propecia should be taken at the same time daily. If forget taking the drug, take it quickly sooner you remember. If it is too late and time for the next dose, then skip the missed dose and continue with the next dose. Do not try to make up for the missed dose as it causes harmful effects. Do not forget taking the drug frequently. Over dosage should be averted strictly.


Generic Propecia is an effective hair treatment formula and does not cause side effects. Although common side effects are part of the drug and make appearance for a while after the intake of the drug. Common side effects do not appear anymore once body becomes adjusted to the drug. Also, they only seek medical treatment if stay for more time in the body than thought of. Common side effects of Generic Propecia are- pain in the head, dizziness, breathlessness, rashes, breast swelling, pain in testicles, swelling on hands and feet etc. The drug also becomes harmful for the body and health, if not taken properly. Serious outcomes of the drug are loss of interest in sex, less sperm count, etc. It is advised to take immediate treatment for these side effects.


Room temperature gives long life to Generic Propecia. Maintain the temperature in between 15 to 30 degree Celsius. The drug cannot thrive in any other temperature. Cold, hot, wet and too dry environments are harmful for the drug. Store the pills in an air tight box all the time. No air can pass through the box, so the drug remains safe there. Maintaining hygiene around the drug is must. Dirt and dust react with it and botches. Safeguard the drug from heat, light and moisture. Do not store Generic Propecia in kitchen and bathroom. Expired pills needs to be dump properly. Avoid storing them at home. Keep the drug away from women and children's reach.


Men having allergy with Finasteride are not eligible for taking Generic Propecia. Regular blood tests should be conducted during the drug treatment. The drug should be consumed provided that it is prescribed by a physician. It can be hazardous to health to take the drug without medical examination. The drug should be exactly consumed as dictated by a medical practitioner. Men with kidney or liver problems should inform doctor about health problems and then only should take Generic Propecia. Also, if suffering from other diseases, tell about them to doctor first before starting the drug treatment. Generic Propecia is only men medication. Women, children and pets should not be given it.This hair loss drug is harmful for the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should not even touch the drug.