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Silagra is one of best treatments for male impotency. Losing erections is hard time for men. Silagra is used by men for overcoming this sexual problem. The drug treats ED in men within minute's time. This distinguishing trait of the drug has made it widely known all over. The drug attacks the main cause of ED i.e. PDE5 enzyme and replaces it with the needed enzyme cGMP. Blood flow becomes smooth by doing so, leading to lasting and strong erections in men. Silagra is made of Sildenafil citrate, the same chemical in present in drug's branded counterpart also. Silagra is a safe generic drug. Results are guaranteed and effect remains for some 6 hours.

Silagra is a best tablet in the health industry. The content of Silagra is sildenafil citrate. Online, silagra can be purchased from Many people consider silagra as the best Generic Viagra in the industry. The working is similar to other generic Viagra however it works on the penile portion with much more perfection. The best way to consume Silagra tablets is to consume them with water. Silagra works better if consumed half an hour prior to the act. To obtain maximum results of Silagra, a male body should be sexually stimulated.

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Silagra gives successful results when taken on medical advice. Take the drug after consulting a doctor only. Initially doctor proposes the drug in 100mg dose. Take the drug at one time only in a day. Exceeding more than one pill causes adverse effects on the body. For making changes in the dose, first take doctor approval. Consume the pill with water. Drug will get dissolve in the blood faster. Take the entire pill while swallowing. Don't break, crush or chew it. Take Silagra one hour before the sexual intimacy. Pill acts faster if the stomach is empty or stuffed with light food. Heavy meal decelerates drug's action. Do not take the drug daily. It should be taken whenever want to have sex. But, becoming completely dependent on the drug is also not good for health.


Silagra shows some undesirable side effects. These are headache, blur vision, upset stomach, facial flushing, vomit, shudders, dizziness, pain in joints, muscles and joints and so on. These side effects are short term and stop occurring forever as body becomes acquainted with the drug. These unwanted side effects vanish without the treatment. Men should take treatment for these symptoms if they last for long time and cause trouble. Their long term stay is dangerous for health. Serious side effects are also shown by Silagra. Skin rashes, hives, seizures, breathlessness, severe dizziness, chest pain, coronary failures, etc are dangerous side effects. They are seen in some men but it is not sure they occurred due to the intake of the drug. Instant medical aid should be taken for serious side effects.


Silagra lasts long when surrounded by room temperature. Minimum 15 degree and maximum 30 degree temperature is appropriate for the drug. Temperatures that are utmost destroy the drug. Keep Silagra protected from them. Places that are wet, moist or heated are unsuitable for the drug. They attack on drug's effectiveness. Keep the drug away from them. Do not store the drug in kitchen sinks and bathroom. Make sure where the drug is stored in cool, clean and dark place. Pills of Silagra should be stored in air tight container. Freezing the drug spoils it. Do not refrigerate the drug. The drug should be stored away from children and women. Expired Silagra pills should not be simply thrown or flushed. Dispose them in a proper manner.


Men should not indulge in any type of activity after taking Silagra as it causes dizziness and blur vision. If allergic to Sildenafil citrate or to any other PDE5 inhibitor, do not take this drug. If suffering from heart disorders, hypertension, sickle cell anemia, liver or kidney disease etc, then take the drug on prescription only. Fatty and unhealthy food impedes the drug results. Only take light food. The drug shows certain side effects if alcohol is taken along with it. It is advised to stop alcohol completely. Women and children should not use Silagra. This drug is for men only. The drug becomes addiction if regularly taken. Take it in intervals. Consumption of nitrates is not allowed to be done with Silagra. The two together cause serious side effects like cardiac arrest, blood pressure changes, and in rare cases lead to coma also. Avoid grapefruit and its juice if taking the drug.