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Edegra is a generic medication made with intent to solve impotency in men. The drug got great success in its endeavor. Men recognize Edegra from all over the world. The drug is made of Sildenafil citrate. This chemical is efficient and gives results within 45 minutes. Edegra is successful ED treatment and is appropriate for all men. This prescribed anti impotence drug is for old men also crossed the age of 65. Take doctor advice before taking the drug and become ready for enjoying hard and lasting erections. Being safe impotence pill, Edegra online is a remedy for people who look to have quick relief from impotence.

Edegra is a heavenly drug for men who need a low priced solution to their impotence problem. Edegra works well if a male sexual organ is stimulated for sexual activity. Edegra contains sildenafil citrate in 100mg stength. It is easy to buy edegra online from Angelmeds.com. To use Edegra, one first needs to have a valid prescription from a doctors. Online, Edegra can be purchased at discount price from Angelmeds.com- reliable online pharmacy. The work process of Edegra is simple. Edegra simplifies the blood flow system into the male penile organ thereby enhancing male sexual performance.

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Edegra is intimated to be taken after consulting a physician only. Initial recommended dose is 100mg. For making changes in the dose first take an advice from physician. Pills should be swallowed with water. Other solutions do not dissolve the drug faster in the blood. Take Edegra 45 minutes before the intimacy. Sexual desire in the body is mandatory while taking the drug, as the drug is not an aphrodisiac. The ED drug can be taken only once in a day. Consuming more than one pill can harm health. The drug can be taken anytime. Take Edegra only when feel urge for sex. Everyday intake of the drug is not necessary. Do not break or crush a pill while swallowing. Take pill as a whole. Never take the drug on heavy stomach, otherwise results appear sluggishly.


Common side effects shown by Edegra are headache, pain in the back, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach, dizziness, running nose, facial flushing, etc. All these symptoms are incapable of causing harm. They are termed as common because they generally appear after the drug intake, but do not last longer. Their stay time is not more than four hours. Treatment is also not needed for these side effects. Men should seek medical treatment only if these signs last longer than eight hours. Edegra also has serious side effects imbedded in its nature. These symptoms are dangerous for health and life both. So, men are advised to treat them at once. Rare side effects of Edegra are coronary failure, pain in the chest, high blood pressure, skin rashes, hives, itching, seizure, and painful penis elongation for more than four hours.


Edegra should be stored in a safe and secure place always. Suitable temperature for the drug is room temperature. The temperature should not go beyond 30 degree Celsius. Edegra pills are safe in air tight box. Air passage is completely stopped, which is essential for drug long life. Heat, light and wet environments harm the drug. Keep the drug away from them. Keeping the drug in refrigerator is not allowed. A cool and dark is the requirement of Edegra. Make sure dirt and dust are not around the drug. Dirt reacts fast with the drug and harms its effectivity. Kitchen and bathroom temperatures are inappropriate for this ED drug. Do not store the drug there. Women and children should not be allowed to come near to the drug. Expired pills of Edegra should not be kept at home. Dump them.


Taking Edegra without medical guidance can be a risk for health. Always take the drug on doctor's approval. If Sildenafil citrate causes allergic reactions on your body, it is better to avoid Edegra. The drug causes dizziness, so it is advised not to perform any machinery work after taking it. Accidents may happen. Alcohol intake should be avoided completely. Taking it with the drug is harmful to health. Consuming nitrates with Edegra is a dangerous combination. Never take the two together for avoiding serious health consequences. Overdose of Edegra should never be done. Health gets affected severely. It is advised to avoid grapefruit and its juice if taking Edegra. Do not take meals high in fat and oil content with the drug. Mechanism of the drug slows down and results appear very late. The drug should not be used by women and children.